Episode twelve

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"hey guys, what's up"-???

"How did you get in here?"-Blyke

"Who are you?"-Remi

"Logan. you guys have terrible security on your things"-Maybe Logan

"What the hell? You hacked into our group chat?"-Isen

"yes, is there a problem?"-Maybe Logan


"Dude you're super creepy"-Isen

"whatever just come to xxx on middle st"-Maybe Logan

"Fine, but ONLY because you helped Remi and John."-Blyke

"Guess I'll come as well."-Remi

"Fuck it, I'm in"-John

"If John goes I guess I'll go."-Isen


John arrived first as his place was on a nearby street. Within five seconds of knocking on the door a skeleton answered.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" he screamed. As Logan burst out laughing. "Oh my god, you should have seen the look on your face!" "Anyway that's my skeleton buddy, I'm training so I can use him in combat."

"Huh, well you've got a nice place!"

"Thanks, my moms stupid rich so she let me choose if a wanted the dorms or a house. I chose a house but I did not expect this. She ended up paying for the whole thing, mortgage and everything."

"Damn! How rich is she?"

"She owns some billion dollar company." Logan said, causing a brief silence.

"So what did you want to show us?"

"Oh, I should probably wait until they get here." DING DONG "Speak of the devil! Hey! Open the door please." The skeleton did as so, causing Blyke, Isen, and Remi to have a similar reaction to John.

Once they were all settled, Logan said "Does anyone need anything? No? Ok, come with me." Logan then led them to his basement. Inside they found Waldo sitting and tied to a pillar. He had multiple bruises, teeth missing, and stab marks all around his body.

"Logan what did you do!" Remi yelled.

"I beat the shit out of him until he talked. Did you notice anything 'off' about him In our fight? He beat Remi, A FUCKING HIGH-TIER!"

"Yeah, that was strange, but what you did was unjustified!" Said John.

"Look at the bigger picture here! I found why he was so powerful, my method worked didn't it?"

"Whatever, just tell us what you found out." Said Blyke.

"Thank you!" Logan Started " While questioning him, I found he was using ability amplifying drugs. I don't know if you know what they are, but basically they increase someone's level by half. BUT, the drug the Waldo used was much more powerful than the usual, double in fact. Long story short I arranged a meeting with his dealer and should meet in about a week."

"What!?" Said Isen "Why would you tell us this now?"

"Because I knew you would agree." Logan said with a smirk. "Think about it, this could potentially be EMBER we're talking about. The five of us, vs one of them."

"Fine, but when we capture them, promise you won't do what you did to Waldo!" Said Remi.

"Ok, I promise."


The next day, Isen was walking to class alone. Mostly because he needed to think. "This Logan kid is super weird. First he comes and helps us take down those goons, but why? Was he really that interested to help out? And how did he know where we were? Did he follow us? He must have some knowledge of hacking if he can get into our group chat. Maybe he tracked us? He must be powerful if he can take down someone that Remi can't. God he's so mysterious! How does he have the will to torture someone? Oh, speak of the devil!" Isen turned a corner to see Zeke and some of his goons cornering Logan.

"I'm warning you right now, back. The fuck. Off." Said Logan coldly.

"Or what? You're surrounded, new kid." Said Zeke.

"Heh, fine then, go ahead and throw the first punch." Logan said as he saw Isen and winked.

"The hell?" Isen thought. Suddenly, one of Zeke's goons attempted to kick Logan, only for them to kick a bone wall. The rest of Zeke's goons charged at Logan. One of them got their knees impaled, while the other got a whack to the face with a femur, knocking out some teeth. Seeing this, Zeke attempted to run but was stopped as a cafe of bones was formed around him.

"Going somewhere?"

"Oh shut the fuck up!" Yelled Zeke as he rushed towards Logan. Logan simply rose a skeleton, which struck Zeke in the stomach. "What the fuck is that!" Thought Zeke. His thoughts didn't last very long though, as Logan stabbed him. After he stabbed him, Logan beat him until he was unconscious and said to Isen "Hey uhh, who's the most powerful person in the school? And where does this asshole fall in at?"

"Well the most powerful is someone named Seraphina, she's practically a god. Her power has something to do with time. Next there's Arlo, he can make a barrier that blocks almost all attacks and reflects any damage done. He's the king. Then there's Remi, you already know about her, she's the jack. Cecile is next, and her ability has something to do with energy ropes. Then there's me and Blyke, after us it's this shit head." Said Isen.

"Thanks, how strong is Arlo really?"

"At least a si- hold on, you're not planning to fight him are you?"

"I am. A six huh? Shouldn't take much longer before I'm ready. Well... later."


Name: Logan

Ability: Necromancy

Current level: 5.6

Passive: Bones are made of a chromium and titanium like substance. Also causes loss of flesh

Current passive level: 7.0

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