Rin Kagamine (Vocaloid) x Reader

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A/N: Very bad stupid chapter. Sorry :( I'm working on requests but have been insanely busy.

You skipped happily done to your best friend, Rin's house. You were going to have a girls night together, since Len was going to hang out with Kaito. Once you arrived, you went to knock on Rin's door. Although you were close friends, your heart beat went a thousand miles a minuet. You were awfully nervous, so you quickly knocked on the door. Soon a happy Rin cheerfully opened the door.
(Y/N)! You made it!" Rin grinned, clapping. "Now help me cook, I made a mess."
You looked it the kitchen. It was covered in flour, baking mix, icing and whatnot.
"That's a bit more than a mess Rin." You admitted, starring at the mess.
"I was trying to make a banana cake for Len to congratulate him." Rin explained.
"Congratulate him? What did he do?" You asked.
"Didn't you know? He and Kaito are a little more than buddies now." She giggled.
You nodded.
"Oh I get it. They've upgraded to.." You lowered your voice into a whisper. "Best buddies."
Rin burst into laughter.
"You're hilarious (Y/N)." She smiled.
"No I'm just (Y/N)." You replied.
Rin laughed again, interrupted by a 'beep beep' noise coming from the oven.
"Cake's ready." She chimed, opening the oven door and sliding a glove on.
You looked at the big puffy cake. It smelt wonderful.
"Now we can ice it." Rin smirked.
Ok, let's say that the two of you got a little carried away. For the background, you iced the cake white. Then you drew a tree. Rin wrote 'Len + Kaito sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G' and the two of you drew the pair kissing. You photographed your work and high-fived Rin.

After the cake was in the fridge and the kitchen was finally clean, it was getting pretty late. You and Rin decided to watch some soap opera on TV.
"This is so stupid." You complained. "This Dillion guy would have his leg ripped off if I knew him. What a jerk."
Rin agreed.
"But it's funny when the girl's dad punches him, and when the girl slaps him for cheating on her." She added.
You nodded and kept watching. Laughing at the failed attempts of acting dramatic by the actors. Soon there was a pretty heated kissing scene.
"You want to do what they're doing?" Rin asked.
"Wh-what?!" You blushed furiously.
"I was kidding (y/n)-senpai." Rin replied.
"Did you just call me Senpai?" You questioned.
Rin jumped on you and grinned in your face. She then poked one of your red cheeks.
"Of course I did, (y/n)-senpai." Rin purred.
She then slowly leant her lips against yours.
"I love you (y/n). You always make me laugh." Rin smiled, giving you a tight hug.
"Really?" You asked.
Rin kissed you again, this time it was longer and you kissed back. It was the perfect answer. From then on, you and Rin started dating.

*extended ending*
One afternoon, Kaito and Len walked in the door after a walk.
"SURPRISE!" You and Rin yelled.
Kaito almost fell backwards.
"Huh? What is it?" Len asked.
"We made a cake for you two." You smiled.
"A banana cake." Rin added.
"Great, I love banana." Len grinned.
"I'm not a big fan, but let's see." Kaito stated.
Rin gave the cake to Kaito. Len watched his horrified face.
"What is it, Kaito?" He asked.
Len looked at the cake.
"Oh." He mumbled.
You and Rin cracked up.
"At least it tastes nice." Kaito sighed.

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