Nightmares (August)

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"August?" Maya said smiling

"Yeah baby, what's up?" I said smiling at her

"Baby?" She called out for me worried

"Baby, I'm right here. Why can't you see me?"

"August, baby are you there? I can't see you." She screamed

"Maya, baby. I'm right here." August said running towards her


August runs by Maya and picks her head up

"NO! not again, I can't loose you. Wake up"

*Candle blows out*

*MAYA stops breathing*

"Maya, stop playing, Talk to me."

"I can't, Because... I'm DEAD."

He looked down and seen a puddle of blood ||

I woke up out my dream, No. This can't happen, no. I started thinking about when she was shot by Angie and was laying down on the ground and the words she said to me, she looked so scared and when she was in the hospital and looked lifeless and I was talking to her and she wasn't talking back. That feeling that I felt when she didn't talk back? I don't ever wanna feel that feeling ever again.

"Baby? You alright?" She asked sitting up and kissing my neck

"Yeah, I'm fine just a bad dream. Go back to sleep."

"Tell me about your dream baby." she said

I kissed her hand and laid back in the bed and laid my hand on her bottom lip and kissed her lips

"I love you." I said rubbing my hands up and down her arms

"I love you too, August. What's wrong baby?"

A/N Maya pov coming next, chapter tomorrow

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