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Here are the rules for making Ocs because we don't want any Mary/Gary sues or perfect characters! We will turn down Ocs if they seem to perfect. Anyways, here are the rules!

1. Make sure your character has flaws! Don't make them so perfect because then they don't seem human and it makes the role play boring. For example, trusting people to easily is a flaw! Being clumsy is not a flaw.

2. If you'd like to make a sibling of a canon character, please check if there are any siblings already. We don't want James Potter having four siblings. I would suggest to make them siblings with people who are less important or less liked. Like a sibling of Peter Pettigrew! Or Dorcas Meadowes!

3. Don't make them too important. Remember, this is not your roleplay, this is for a group of people. Like, there can't be any 'Chosen Ones' or anything like that.

4. Make the unique! They should have their strengths and weaknesses! Like, make your character allergic to strawberries! Make them as creative as possible and we're most likely to accept you. (My character is allergic to strawberries and I plan to make her eat some -kait)

5. Don't make them cliche, like a Malfoy who's super against pureblood supremacy. For example, during this time period, since Voldemort is rising to power, Malfoys would be to scared to go against.

6. DON'T MAKE THE OC TOO POWERFUL. This means not making them an Animagus, Parselmouth, Metamorphmagus and extra talented with magic for one character. (We won't be accepting Parselmouths and Animagi for now).

Okay! Here are all the list of rules for now and more will be added if needed!

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