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My mother is full of such wisdom and she taught us and raised us up to be independent and strong women. And to not look down on ourselves or anyone else for that matter, She raised us to not let anyone down us or degrade us, Not to let anyone think they better than us or we better than them because we rich and got money.

And, PAPI (August) Taught us a lot too. I love him so much, just like I love my daddy, I seen what my parents and step-dad been through and everything they taught us. The public judge us but they don't know us, If that makes sense?
Like let's go all the way back some years back at PAPI concert, when them guys started that fact, They still judging PAPI because of it.And, I don't agree with it, Period. And my daddy finally went to rehab and got help, And he's doing better and now in a relationship with Vanessa. TJ MY MAIN NIGGGGGA!!!!!!!! He more of a big brother than my little bro. And ya know MJ MY BABEHH! LI LI DA COOLEST BISHHH AND SHE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE MAMA ITS RIDICULOUS.

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