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Sis (Autumn)

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"April?" I asked

She turned the light on and turned and faced me, "What's up baby sis"

"I can't sleep." I said

"Why?" She asked playing with my curls

"I don't know, There's this guy..."

"Oh you like someone too?"

"Yeah, his names Chresanto."

"The next door neighbor son?" She asked

"Yeah, him." I smiled

"Oh yeah, he's a cutie." she said smiling

""Thing is, he likes Desiree."

"Oh, that cockroach ain't gone last for long" she said laughing

"But, I feel like she's prettier than me."

"That's not even possible, Mama said
never degrade yourself. Never let anyone tell you you're below them, Always know, No one is prettier than you and you know that's true." she said

"Why he don't like me?"

"He probably hasn't realized it yet baby girl, But he will."

My sister is full of wisdom and I'm close to her just like I am Mama and Maliyah. We got that bond where can't really be away from each other, After school we always run to each other, People look at us like we a bunch of lesbians but honestly we just HUMAN BEEINGGGS! *in Nicki voice*

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