Just Grown! (August/Maya)

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Damn, Can't believe my baby girl is 14 and grown as hell, Both of em. April always been a genius but now? Wow, And they both are very talented got it from the genes of course. Both are in girl groups. April is in a girl group called "WeRCharm" and Autumn, "N'Lyss". TJ grown too ass bout as tall as me,Playing basketball now.

"Pops!!" MJ said

"Heey, MJ." I said picking him up and kissing his cheek

MJ is the new addition to the family, Everybody thought she was having a girl! Nope, she finally had a boy. And he's six now.

"Daddy, Where's April & Autumn?"

"At school just like you should be." I said walking down the stairs with him

"Come on, King" he said to the puppy

The puppy followed close behind and we walked down the spiral stairs, I greeted Maya with a kiss and MJ did the same


"Yeah baby?" She said smiling

"Why isn't this little yungin at skoo?"

"He said he wasn't feeling good." she said putting her hand on his hip, "But, looks like he was lying to mama."

*Dog Barks*

*Front door opens*

"Awe look who else wants attention." Autumn said

"Hey mama, Hey daddy" she said picking up King August

"Um, Autumn Amouria Marie, why aren't you at school?" Maya asked her

"Mama , we got out earlier. Ain't that right sis"

"Yeah mama, we got out early." April said sucking her braces

"Y'all just know y'all some pretty girls huh?"

*Both flick they hair* , "We flawless."

I shook my head and laughed

"Yeah right, I'm flawless."MJ said shaking his head like he was flipping his hair and waving his hands

"Yes you are." Autumn said picking him up and spinning him around attacking him with kisses

"Ew, Daddy tell Autumn leave me lone." he said

"Lat your sister show you some love." I said chuckling and sitting on the bar stool next to April and playing with her hair

"Ewwww stop, papi" she said snatching my hand away giving me this stank face

"Yungin, you still ain't grown."

"I know I ain't. I'm always gone be little to y'all." she said chuckling

"You bets beleeh dat" I said kissing her forehead

"I love you, Papi"

"I love you too, Braceface."

She hit me in my arm

"What y'all want for dinner clowns?" Maya asked

"Don't matter" we all said

"August, you gone help me." she demanded


She looked at me

"Alright, Yes mama!" I said getting up and kissing her cheek

"Mhm, I thought so."

"Oh y'all some freaks." April and Autumn said.

"And what y'all know bout that, yungins?"

"We know some, Y'all must forgot we know everythang" they said

"Y'all ain't twins, stop saying things together"

"Why daddy?" They asked together

Maya laughed and high fived April

"Y'all some"

"Love you too"


I picked up MJ and laid him in the bed and went into the girls room

"Mama, how did you know when you liked daddy?" April asked me

"I don't know really, I just got this feeling. Why? You like someone?"

"Yeah, I do. What should I do?" She asked

"Who is he?"

"His names Jr." she said

"You let him come to you, Remember..."

"We don't Chase, We Replace" my girls said

"Exactly, Now y'all get ready for bed, You don't have to go to bed now but just get ready. Lay out your clothes for school tomorrow and than I'm taking y'all shopping with Li Li"

"Okay, Cool. Up, King" Autumn said

King tried jumping up on they bed, He couldn't so I picked him up and gave him to the girls,

I notice over the years, The girls are even closer than before, They act like twins and they get to the point where they can't be 2 steps away from each other lol, So sometimes they sleep in bed together and they stay up all night talking they don't think I know. but oh do I know.

I snuggled in the bed with August, oh one more thing Maliyah and Ernesto are married and expecting. Proud of my baby! Trey got back with Vanessa.

"Baby?" August said kissing my shoulder


"You made some damn beautiful girls man." he said laughing

"Pssh, I know that." I said laughing, "awe Flawless."

"That you are."

I turned around and faced him laying my hand gently on his face kissing his lips and running my finger by his finger and kissing his lips and smiling at him, "I love you"

"I love you too, Maya"

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