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I see the pain behind your laughter,

The happiness behind your tears,

Though I do not understand,

I have learnt through the years.

Your eyes give away,

what you try to lock inside,

I see through your barrier,

please stop trying to hide.

I want you to know,

I will always be there,

no matter the time, or day,

I'll be your shoulder I swear.

Though you look in the mirror,

and see an ugly sight,

the world around you see differently,

and I hope one day you might.

There's a sparkle in your eyes,

every time you truly smile,

the tension in the air,

is demolished by a mile.

Though you are happy and sad,

everyone has those days,

when you want to crawl up in a hole,

or die locked away

So you see my dear friend,

you are beautiful indeed,

the imperfections, the flaws,

are what make us unique.

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