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When it comes to growing a brand online, one of the best ways to do this is to use Instagram. It's one of the best social media networks and since it's photo and video based, the right piece of content can really go viral.

One of the biggest issues with Instagram though is that when first starting out, it can be really tough getting eyes on an account and the content that's its posting. Using hashtags can be effective sometimes. The problem with hashtags though is that if more popular accounts are using the same hashtags, they will be put up at the top of the results due to the algorithm that is used with Instagram.

The solution to this is therefore to get as many followers as possible to kick start the Instagram campaign. Generally speaking, the concept of social proof applies here. If an account has little to no followers, even if it has great content, the lack of followers can make others less like to follow it. Similarly, if an account has a lot of followers, it will bring in more since users will deem it to be a great account.

The big question though is how can these followers be acquired? The quickest way to do this would be to buy followers. It should be noted that not all of the websites out there that sell followers should be trusted. A lot of these websites are actually scams. They will take your money, but you won't receive a single follower. This has made it really difficult for the genuine sellers to get you the followers that you need.

One company that does a great job in bringing in legitimate followers is Follower Promotion. They work in such a way that the followers that you can get are real. By doing things the right way, not only does it protect the integrity of the account, but it also keeps it safe. There are some sellers out there that will send a lot of fake followers to an Instagram account, and this can actually result in the account being suspended, or banned completely!

The thing is though, some buyers may still feel reluctant to out the safety of their Instagram account into the hands of a third party company. This is a totally understandable and actually quite a safe and sensible thing to consider. Thankfully though, Followers Promotion offer a free followers trial. This is to let any potential buyers try out the service first with no obligation to take things further. This is a great way to show that the service is safe, and also effective in bringing in followers to the Instagram account.

It's actually really good that Followers Promotion does this. This isn't something the more expensive sellers do.

When it comes to the packages that are available, there are numerous to fit different budgets. Again, this in contrast to other providers that will only sell really expensive packages with a vast number of followers. Doing this really hinders those that do not have a lot of money and are starting off small. Of course, if you'd like to spend a large sum of money on a massive number of followers from Followers Promotion, this is also an option, but it's great to see that they do offer smaller packages. To test out the service with 50 free Instagram followers, simply click on the link below that says 'External Link' and you'll be on your way to new followers on Instagram!

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