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Yes, I am shamelessly promoting my new story lol. I've decided that along with the Astrid spin off, I will be simultaneously posting chapters to the new BxB I've just posted. 

Here it is!!

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Nobody knows what happened to that one kid, Zane Beckham.

One day he was the most popular guy in school, star quarterback and dating the hottest girl in school. The next, he was unrecognizable. Rude and withdrawn, he turned into a complete loner. His eyes, that once sparkled with joy and mischief, looked hollow and haunted. 

He was a mystery that no one could figure out, and no one tried to.

Until his grades start dropping, and he's forced to be tutored by Julien Hansen if he wants to keep his spot on the football team. Julien, reluctant to get anywhere near the mysterious boy, does his best to help Zane. Their sessions are the most interesting thing to happen to Julien in a long time, who doesn't do much with his life besides studying and reading.

They're an unlikely pair, but as time passes and tension builds, they find each other to be exactly what they so desperately need.

If you've enjoyed LTGND, give this one a shot. It'd mean the world to me and I'd love to hear what you think whether it be criticism or advice or anything else.

Thank you so much, and if you decide to check it out I really hope you enjoy!

Lots of love,
Vera xx

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