38- Why me

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Diana p.o.v
We pulled away for the kiss I thought to myself I can't believe that just happened
"I-I'm so sorry I shouldn't have done that I sorry" he then runs to his room
I stood there not knowing what to do.

Harry p.o.v
I can't believe I just did that. She has a boyfriend and I just kissed her. Now I have to go and say sorry to Ethan and explain before he gets mad at Diana.

*Next day*
As I was walking towards Ethan something caught my eye, I saw a kissing couple. At first I thought it was Diana and him but then noticed he was kissing another girl! As I was about to interrupt their little make out I saw Diana standing there seeing what I was seeing. I was about to say something but Diana beat me to it.

Diana p.o.v
I felt so broken yet relived. Broken because I trusted him and relived because I did the same thing to him. After he finally noticed me his eyes went wide he pulls apart from the girl and stands up "I'm so sorry Diana I didn't mean to do that I swear she throw her since at me"
"Oh really then why did you keep kissing her you could have stopped her"
"I know i know I'm sorry please forgive me"
"I don't now Ethan I trusted you and you betrayed me"
"Please just give me one more chance I promise I won't do it again" I look up at him then look at Harry he looks down
"No I'm sorry I just don't trust you anymore" I say and turn around about to walk away but he grabs my wrist
"Let go of me!" I say loudly
"Not until you give me another chance"
"I said no so just let go of me" he pulled his hand up about to slap me when I see someone punch him in the face, he lets go of my wrist when he fell to the ground when the person picked him I look up and see that it was Harry who punched him. I let it all go and start crying, Harry comes over to me and pulls me in a hug I start sobbing and probably soaking his shirt but he doesn't seem to care.
"It's okay" he says in a smoothing voice
"W-why does t-this always h-happen to me"
"I don't know but I promise I won't let it happen again" he says
"Thanks Harry for always being there for me" I say
"I'll always be here, now lets go home"

When we got home I realized that I had to tell the girls/guys so Harry said he would help me. When we entered the house everyone was siting in the living room watching tv
"Hey guys Diana have you been crying" Lou says
"I need to tell you guys something"
"Okay go on" Liam says
After I told then everything that happened they all seemed mad
"Someone hold me down before I go beat the shit out of that little shit" Julie says
"I'm with her" Michelle says
"How could that thing do that to you"
"Thanks guys for being there but I think that Harry already did the job for you" I say
"Harry you beat the shit out if him" Niall says
"Yeah mate" he answers

*10 weeks later *
Harry p.o.v
"If I said that I wanted to ask Diana out would you guys help me" I ask the guys right now we where at the studio
"We would totally help you" Niall says
"Okay then help me"
"Operation get Harry and Diana together phase one" louis says
"Lets start" Zayn says

Credit to Diana my bestfriend who helped write this chapter

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