we're running out and free, this life was meant for me

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basically, cutting my hair has been by far the best mistake of my life. i didn't mean to cut it this short bUT i'm not complaining. i just feel amazing, and the fact that my neck is constantly cold is a sacrifice i'm willing to make. honestly, i'm kind of ready to cut my hair even shorter in the future, like buzzed on the bottom and a lil bit longer on top.

anywho, this guy that i grew up with (i used to be one of the only people who was nice to him and was one of his only friends but in middle school he decided he was too cool for me and i was weird and he stuck with guys who made fun of him 24/7, so ig that's on him?? i really miss his parents tho, they were amazing), he just texted me a while ago bc i was posting stuff for indigenous peoples day and he sent me a link that defended columbus. so, naturally, i refused and told him to tell me his side instead. he couldn't hold up his debate and i technically won (basically he just realized i had a point and gave in) and i thought that was that. but no, now i'm like his source of political information and debates, which is honestly annoying. i'm still learning about all this crap so i don't understand some of the stuff he's talking about. and, he keeps sending me stuff as if we were already in that conversation but it's literally out of nowhere.

like yesterday, he just sent me stuff about the political parties and i was just chilling and listening to gay guys getting married like "my mind isn't set in politics mode rn, i don't know what you're saying"

i decided to draw myself yesterday and i just realized how much my art account is growing like yayyy. and i think i finally found my style bc i can never have a style but yesterday, i think i finally found it?? so yeah, that's fun :))

i actually got thomas sanders's patreon like sdjfjdk it's still kinda hard to believe but i'm so excited to get my sticker and to see the directors commentary it's all so exciting

speaking of sanders sides, joan and talyn are moving away to vermont which i would move there too but it's just so sad bc how will they do janus's makeup?? yeah, they can direct and stuff over video calls, and talyn isn't able to do makeup rn since they're at a higher risk of catching covid and really suffering from it but after covid blows over, whenever that may be, talyn won't be able to be on the makeup team anymore bc they'll be up in vermont while everyone else is down in florida :(( it's a very sad day, boyos. aside from that (get it like sanders asides) the new asides episode was freaking awesome, i cried, i screamed, it was so beautifully done and i cannot wait to see it in live action (which probably won't be for another year or two years unfortunately)

oh, and, unus annus only has like 22 days left now, i swear i am going to cry. i just wonder how they're gonna end it. my theory is that they're gonna livestream it bc how else can they count down to the deletion while still giving viewers enough time to watch it, ya know? i'm really glad i got the shirt while i could bc it will forever be in my heart :( it just makes me so sad that this has been the first content we've seen since like 2016 where mark and ethan were making multiple videos together like ethan cameoed in markiplier makes videos as well as a heist with markiplier but markiplier makes was very sparingly posted and his roles in a heist with markiplier were really small. and now the most content we've gotten in years is about to be deleted :,(

i'm thinking of rewatching community bc i have been rewatching the office and i just feel like watching community. i have a bunch of movies and shows that i started or i was in the middle of watching that i just haven't finished bc i've been watching unus annus, sanders sides, and the office. basically, i'm just rewatching the same stuff i've seen 5000 times before

no plans for halloween which is sad bc i was gonna dress as my character from among us but guess not :( i feel bad that my parents already paid for it so i'm literally just going to sit with my helmet on all day :) that'll be fun

that's it i suppose :)) uh bye, ig :)


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