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[is admitting to marriage fraud bad]

"Of course it's bad, George. We just need to know what happens if we tell everyone about it," Dream helpfully guided him, leaning over George's shoulder. George shivered at the feeling of Dream's warm breath against his neck. He's so close. 

George only sighed, shaking his head of his annoying thoughts while retyping his search.

[marriage fraud penalty]

They took a few seconds, glancing over some of the results. George's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open in shock.

"A fine of up to 250,000 dollars?? Up to five years in jail?? What the fuck?" Dream gasped, reading over his shoulder. 

"Holy shit," George whispered, "Are murderers even charged that much?"

"Fuck. So obviously, we can't tell everyone that we're just lying about our marriage. What do we do then?" Dream groaned. George's ears burned at the sound of Dream's voice so close to him. Why is he leaning over my shoulder so much?  Unconsciously, George's thoughts reminisced the night of the wedding, the kissing, the gentle touches of Dreams fingers trailing down his skin--

Nope. Stop. Stop thinking about that right now, He berated himself, Dream is just a friend. I seriously need to start moving on.

"You guys are just screwed. I don't think there's anything you can do about it," Sapnap chimed in.

"Wait. Maybe..." George muttered, typing once again.

[how to erase memories from thousands of people]

George turned, watching as Dream cracked a smile for the first time all morning. George smirked, even if it did quickly fade away. "Worth a try."

"I feel so bad for you guys. This sucks." Sapnap muttered.

"Yeah. It's a lose-lose situation." George groaned.

"Well, I guess it could be worse, right? No one actually knows your committing marriage fraud, you know. They just think you guys are in love. What's so bad about that?" Sapnap shrugged.

"But dude, all of the stans are freaking the fuck out. I went on Twitter earlier and I saw so many people that were pissed at us for 'lying' to them about our relationship." Dream rolled his eyes. "It's pretty bad."

"But we've never lied! We're literally not together!" George complained.

"Yeah, exactly, but the leaked DM's without context tells otherwise. So now everyone thinks we've been in a secret relationship, and have just been lying to them this entire time." Dream sighs.

Dream continued, "This fucking sucks. We can't tell the truth because we'll fucking go to jail. We're gonna have to lie and tell everyone we're in love. A lot of people are gonna be pissed off, but it's better than getting in legal trouble."

George only sighed.

"This is the worst way it could've turned out," Dream sighed, "I know it was an accident, but I'm still so frustrated at Tommy. Why'd he have to have his discord open?"

"I was pissed, too, but when he called us earlier he sounded really genuinely sorry," George sighed, "Anyone could've made that mistake."

"I know," Dream whispered, allowing himself to hopelessly fall into the couch with a satisfying ploof. "But still."

It had been a day since their trip to the beach. After a long night of sleep, George really expected to feel more rested and alert for this. But apparently, life had different plans for him. When he woke up earlier, his mind was horribly clouded with a weird dizziness head. His throat still ached from throwing up the day before, acting as a constant reminder for his relapse.

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