Harry Styles        Sexual Tension

You were friends with the boys of One Direction because you had to take photos of them. Since the guys had a nice time and found you rather enjoyable they had all agreed to hang out with you very often, which was okay with you. But, ever since the photo shoot there had been a lot of sexual tension between you and Harry. Whenever you were in a room alone together, he'd stare at you and you would bite your lip because you knew he was watching, or you would sway your hips and wear tight fitting clothes around him. Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn had long since knew that Harry and you had been wanting to get with each other so they leave you and Harry alone at the flat for a couple of hours to see if you two can hit it off.

"Now remember, don't scream too loud, you don't want the neighbors to call the police." Louis joked as he was about to leave.

A light blush stained your cheeks and you pushed his back and led him out the door. Liam, Niall, and Zayn chuckled as they followed Louis out. You shook your head and then turned around to find that Harry was standing about a foot away with a hungry look in his eyes. It was the same look Niall got every time he was getting ready to devour a plate of Nando's. You shifted your weight before you walked past him saying, "I'm going to go take a shower." You could feel his eyes scan you up and down and goose bumps covered your arms and you lightly shuddered. You could hear Harry give a light chuckle and you gulped because you knew that Harry had seen you shudder.

You stepped into the bathroom and shut the door behind you. You then feverishly began to strip from your clothes. You sighed and turned to the shower. Pulling open the glass shower door you stepped inside and turned on the faucet. Turning both the hot water nob and the cold water nob you made sure that the water was comfortable enough so you would be able to stay relaxed. As you finished washing your body and your hair, you were just about to shut the water off when a wave of cold air caused your body to shiver. You rubbed your arms, your back still to the shower door. It was only when you heard the shower door close and someone else's body heat behind you that you jumped and screamed Harry's name, only to turn around and find that it actually was Harry.

"Yes, Love?" He asked you with a cheeky smile.

Your heartbeat increased and you gave a light blush before puffing out your cheeks and lightly punching him in the shoulder. "You idiot, I thought you were a burglar who was going to try and rape me!" You yelled at him.

Harry gave a light chuckle, "Oh trust me, you won't be saying 'no.' You'll be screaming 'yes.'"

And with that he pressed his lips to yours and backed you against the wall. You were now out from underneath the showerhead, Harry underneath it. His kiss was demanding and full of desperate need, lust, and love. You returned it with every ounce of passion in your body. His tongue licked at your body lip but you denied him access. He growled into the kiss and grabbed your ass, lifting you up. You instinctively knew to wrap your legs around him, so you did so. He gave your ass a squeeze and you opened your lips in surprise. His tongue dipped into your mouth and you raked your fingers through his wet curls, eliciting a groan of pleasure from the male. He pushed you against the wall once more and placed his forehead against yours. "Do you know how long I've been wanting to do this to you?" He asked, his voice deep and husky.

"Probably just as much as I have been wanting it," You replied.

His green eyes twinkled with mischief but also showed a great deal of love. "(Y/N), I love you, very, very much." He began, "May I please show you how much I love you?" He pleaded.

"Is the Harry Styles of One Direction begging? Well... I can't say no to that, now can I?" You replied with a smirk.

Harry smiled before leaning in to kiss you once more. You pulled his bottom lip and nibbled on his bottom lip as he pulled away. He then trailed kisses all over your neck and successfully found your sweet spot. After leaving a purple love mark he gently licked it, and you moaned. He pressed his lips to your ear and whispered loud enough so you could hear him over the water that beat down onto the shower floor and pounded onto your bodies, "When I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk for a week and a half. I'm going to fuck you senseless."

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