The Opening Ceremony

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Cheshire Hydra, District 4

This was peculiar. This entire occurrence was peculiar. I thought this as I stroked the clopmakers that were harnessed to my chariot. There noses were velvety. I was going to build a shrine to the clopmakers once I won the Fight To The Death Ceremony.

See, I just couldn’t wrap my head around all of the off breeds of human there were. On the television screen all the tributes in the Fight To The Death Ceremony appeared human- now that I was actually here and I could smell their strange wreaks I could tell they were not apart of my race. I teamed with excitement as I scanned my eyes over all my little dissection projects just waiting to be documented.

“So. What's the deal with your sister?” My ears perked up as my dresser-upper’s whispered question reached my earlobes. “She tried to kill my prep-team.” Prep-team should not have tried to rip Cheshire’s hair out, I thought irritably, my saint-like kindness to the flufferpus breed only stretched so far.

“Cheshire?” I heard my brother’s pitchy voice whisper back. I choose to remain quiet, when in doubt of how to address stupid people remaining quiet was the best option. “I have no freaking clue. She’s insane!”

My brother was unoriginal with his insults, even I could even come up with insults better than him. I assumed that I had eaten his brain cells while we were in the womb. I spun around dropping to my haunches and jumping toward him in the traditional Challenge For Dominance manor. I let out a low growl as I approached him, his body covered in shiny iridescent scales.

Jin was supposed to be the fish, while I, dressed in an open blouse and rolled up slacks, got to be the fisherman. He cried out falling backward because his costume didn’t allow any movement in his legs. The fact he was a sissy didn’t help. I straightened up, “Don’t speak to your superiors like that!” I hissed before turning away and walking off. My stylist yelled something after me but I ignored him, as I do with all lower species. I was going to explore.

The chariots were lined up in a curving line around the huge garage holding all of the species, my chariot was fourth- which was unacceptable because I was the best. I walked toward the first chariot to assess my competition, the ones more evolved than me must die first.

The third chariot held a small girl and an even smaller boy. They both appeared weak and utterly incapable. Still… there must be something special about them if they were considered better than me. I dropped to my haunches and hopped over to them in the same Challenge For Dominance pose that I had approached Jin in.

They didn’t see me. I watched them talk to their flufferpus, their bodies coated in a black skin tight suit that has neon lights attached to them, blinking in odd combinations. It must be a code… perhaps this was how they communicate? I let out a feral growl, the female turned to stare at me, her eyes wide. “Umm hello,” She laughed nervously tucking her silky black curl behind her ear. “I’m Runa. Are you the girl from 4?”

Oh. So she wanted to dance? It was so on. “I am not 4. I am 1!” I lept forward with astonishing speed and sunk my especially sharp teeth into her leg. She shrieked and tried to shake me off but only fell backwards into her chariot

“Stop it!” She squealed. “Please stop it!” I only clenched my teeth tighter, this was war, and in war ‘please’ didn’t work.  I felt arms wrap around my waist and attempt to pull me backward, I bit down tighter and tasted the metalic taste of blood infuse my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a squabblefinder aim a gun at me, another one tried to push it down but the squabblefinder with the gun pushed him off. “Don’t worry! It’s a tranquilizer.” It grunted, I let go and turned to face it- what was this ‘tranquilizer’ they spoke of?

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