My Dear Sunflower

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Rayna's POV 


I felt the tears well up in my eyes as my hands covered my mouth 

A smile on my now tear streaked face 

"He's Okay .." I couldn't help as my smile grew wider the tears continuing at A never ending flow as they slowly fell to the floor .

Thundering footsteps rung about the house as A worried Alois ran into his office scanning the area with his eyes as if looking for some form of danger. 

"Whats wrong ? Are you Hurt ? Do you have A headache ?" He asked gently cupping my face in his hands .

I always worry him so much 

I quickly shake my head no before wrapping my arms around his neck hugging him .

"No its nothing like that . " I couldn't help but bury my face in his chest as I smiled 

"Im just...really happy." I finally spoke looking up at him .

His face now wearing A goofy grin as he looked down at me kissing my forehead.

"You can be really adorable sometimes you know ?" He says running his hands up and down my back . 

I pinched his neck making him jump before glaring at him playfully . 

He laughed before sitting down putting me on top of his office desk   so he was in between my legs . 

"So what made you this happy Angel ? I'm A bit jealous I must say because I dont think It was me ." He says with A slight pout 

I rolled my eyes at him playing with his face .

" That necklace .. its my brothers ."


"Kyleeeeee can we go to the hide out today !" I whined tugging on my 14 year old brothers shirt .

He held my hand in his tugging me along the bare dirt path  .

"Not today Ray ." he said before bending down so I could get on his back.

I pouted putting my chin on his head as I wrapped my hands around his neck for balance.

"I can practically feel you pouting Isa ." He chuckled continuing to carry me . 

A few minutes passed as we went further down the path , I felt a bit sleepy suddenly 

My eyes closing 

"We're here Rayna ."  Kyland said making my eyes flutter open 

When I opened my eyes I immediately took in the scenery 

We were in A big field of grass with a waterfall that had what had to be the clearest water ever !

I hopped off my brothers back and ran from the edge of the forest to the waterfall 

"Look Ky! Look at how fast I am ."

He smiled at me before chasing me .

"Im going to get you !" He yelled making me run faster .

I sprinted towards to the opposite of the field seeing what looked like Another forest . 

He'll never find me there 

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