Chapter 51: Cato

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I sit with Clove  leaning on me and I feel amazing. I got my Lucky Clover back! I feel her falling asleep because her body's going limp.

"I love you Clover" I say quietly right before she goes to sleep fully. I lay back slowly so she's laying asleep on me and hold her hand tightly. She wakes up slowly and I smile up and her. She looks at me concerned and we sit up.

"I think we should go for a walk, with our guns of course, and get some exercises" Johanna suggest grabbing the three guns from the corner. I nod and Clove does eventually.

"Can we just avoid the cabin area in general?" she asks nervously and we nod. We get up and I grab my gun from Johanna. Clove looks at hers nervously and I take it from her.

"I got it, don't worry" I say sweetly and she smiles gratefully. We walk out outside with on gun in my hand and Clove's in my back pocket. She holds my hand tightly and we walk around to the other side of the hotel. We start to hike up a small 'mountain', slowly. I help Clove up slowly and she starts to get tired quickly.

"You want to go back?" I ask concerned and she nods. We keep hiking up and finally get to the summit after half an hour. I sit down slowly on a rock and Clove sits in my lap with a sigh.

"You okay? You seem tired?" Johanna asks Clove carefully and Clove nods almost defensively. We sit in silence over looking the ocean on the other side and we decide to go hunting, not for animals but for trees.

"Sounds fun" I say sarcastically and they both laugh lightly. We head down the mountain face and towards some thicker woods for us to shoot at.

"Wait how are we going to get more ammo" I ask confused and Johanna shrugs.

"I guess since you care so much you should sneak into their camp and get some" Johanna says and she shoots at a leaf the stuck into the bark of a tree. I nod but Clove grabs my waist.

"You can't leave me like this!" she says desperately and I smile. I hold her close to me and she starts to sway gently. Johanna watches us angrily from afar and we split.

"Okay so are you getting some more ammo or no? I'd do it but they know my face. You have your peace-keeper outfit in the room, you could just sneak in and out in minutes" I nod and we walk back to the room. I slip on the outfit and slip my now empty gun into its holster at my side.

"I'll be back before dinner" I say kissing Clove sweetly. I put the mask on so no-one can see my face and see Clove shutter slightly. She walks away unable to look at me and I sigh. I walk outside to the camp of the peace-keepers. I walk up through the row of tents and some peace-keepers actually seem to bow down to me. I laugh mentally and head around trying to find the armory.

"Commandant Nairne" a peace-keeper says rushed "Sorry to bother you but you are needed to discuss plans" I nod, my heart-rate slowly speeding up. I walk with the short blond man that reminds me of an older Peeta and he opens a tent flap to what might be an armory. I look around through the ammo and find some for our type of guns.

"Commandant Nairne, we need to discuss your plans for attack on the rebels" Snow says on a medium sized screen in front of me. I look through my mask angrily and nod.

"We have a plan printing out for you in the main cabin and that's all" Snow says officially. I nod and he looks at me, well Commandant Nairne, and I hold my throat.

"Sorry President Snow" I croak like I lost my voice and he nods "my voice is almost gone and we have command today" I add randomly. The screen goes dark and the other peace-keeper looks down respectfully.

"I need some ammo for some soldiers in the cabin, may I?" I ask still croaking occasionally and the peace-keeper nods. I grab around 15 cartridges and he looks surprised. I walk away from him quietly. I walk into the cabin, as strictly looking as I can, and some-one runs up to me nervously.

"Commandant Nairne, your files have finished printing" the young man says handing me a stack of paper. I take it gratefully and walk off. Wow, are they this stupid? I walk off and sneak back into the woods carefully, so no-one will see me. I walk slowly and officially to the hotel room and open the door quickly. Clove screams quickly but calms down and hugs me.

"I got 17, or something ammo cartridges and some very important files" I say pulling off my hot mask. Clove lets go of me and grabs the files from my hand.

"We need to tell the Commander about this so he can share it with the rebellion" Clove says excitedly as she flips through the pages. I nod and we walk to the Commander's room while Johanna stays back to load the guns, for her amusement.

"Commander! We have important news to tell and show you" I say knocking on the door loudly. He opens the door and looks at us annoyed. I hand him the files and he smirks down at the pages.

"How did you get these?" he asks amazed. I smile down at Clove and start to explain.

"Well let's back up a bit. So Clove and Johanna were sent to do their propos" I say bitterly "And they got taken by some peace-keepers" I stop letting Clove continue.

"We were almost raped, both of us but Cato got me then Johanna dressed as the Commandant, who he killed. And today we were shooting trees with the guns we stole and we ran out of ammo. So Cato got dressed in him stolen peace-keeper out-fit. He went to the peace-keeper camp" she stops, not knowing anything so I continue slowly.

"I just walked in and they escorted me to a screen meeting with Snow. I acted like I was sick and they printed these out. I also got way too many cartridges of ammo if the soldiers need some" I add. And he nods.

"We should get this to 13 so they can spread it" commander says happily and I nod. We walk back to the room where Johanna has organized all of the ammo into a perfect line and starts to put them in cartridges.

"We should get some dinner" I suggest and Clove nods hungrily. I walk to the cafeteria and some cooks serve me some different sandwiches and bowls of soups.

"Clove! Look what I got" I say opening the door with my elbows and I carry the delicate arrangement of plates on the tray.

"Soup!" she says in mock excitement. I laugh at her and we all pick our favorite soup and sandwich. I walk to the bathroom and get some water for us all. I hand a cup to Clove and she thanks me with her dazzling smile. I try to hand one to Johanna but she backs away quickly, in fear.

"You okay?" Clove asks concerned and she starts to shake. Clove walks to her and hugs her tightly. I look at her awkwardly and she frowns sadly. I walk into the bathroom and get dressed for bed so that they can use the bathroom without having to worry. I walk out shirtless and in boxers and slip into bed before Johanna can look over to me. She's been crying and I look at her sympathetically. She frowns and stands up, brushing herself off, as if she got dirty.

"You should sleep" Clove says quietly and I roll over like I'm going to be sleeping also. I feel Clove hop into the bed next to me after about 5 minutes. I hold her tightly to my side and kiss her lightly. I feel her hands slip to my waist and look down at her sweetly.

"I love you Cato" she says to herself, for reassurance. I smile and kiss her nose quickly. We wait for Johanna to get out of the bathroom fully dressed and her choppy waves fully brushed. She lays on the couch and I reach over Clove to turn off the light. I snuggle my head into Clove's neck and she shivers.

"Are you cold?" I ask in a soft whisper. She nods and I pull the covers over both of us. I kiss her hands softly and she snuggles into my chest. I sigh loudly and we fall asleep, me a little too warmly but for Clove it's perfect.

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