One Direction's Little Mistake

Start from the beginning

The seating went like this, Zigzagged starting at the top left: Niall, Perrie, me, Zayn, Lee, Louis, Harry, Jade, Liam, and Jesy.

A waiter came by a little later, asking us for our drink orders. The waiter was no older than 16, and May I say… he looked FIIINNNEEE! He was tall, had a buzz cut, but you could see his little brown hair spikes. I may or may not have starred off because the next thing I knew, I felt a sharp kick from under the table, to my shin. I regained my sight… oh shit… I was looking right into his hazel eyes. He chuckled and asked me for the whoever knows how manyth time what I wanted to drink.

“Oh… um… can I have…. Um…. A… um…. Sprite?” I asked, while a blush rose to my cheeks.

“One sprite coming up doll.” He said with a grin.

“T-thanks.” I said stuttering, with a smile clearly present. He turned back around to get the drinks then left.

“Aww!!” Harry shouted.

‘Shush up Harry, he could hear you!” I whisper- shouted. Everyone started snickering and I immediately felt embarrassed. I diverted my attention from the monkeys, and onto our waiter. Right now, he was filling up some of our drinks. He placed the cups onto a black tray, lifted the tray, and turned around.

“My eyes darted to Louis who seemed interesting enough… he was making Liam uncomfortable by waving a soup spoon around in his direction.

“Here y’all go.” The waiter said.

“Gosh, I really need to learn his name!” I thought inside of my head.

“My name is Christian.” He said with a grin on his beautiful face. I felt a blush come up onto my cheeks, and looked over at Harry. Of course that little monkey butt had a smirk on his face. I then looked over at Zayn, and he too had on a smirk.

“I like your name; it goes with your face.” I said to Christian. Everyone including Christian started to laugh and I put on an annoyed face.

“What did I just do that was so funny that you guys had a need to laugh at?” I questioned the red faced adults, and teen.

“Well, N-nobody says t-that t-to an-anybody!” Niall said red as a fire truck. Everyone including the girls agreed. Perrie was even cracking a small smile.

‘Well doll, here’s your Sprite, enjoy. I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your order on food… I just have to ask my manager something’.” Christian said.

“Thank You!” I shouted, hoping that he would hear me.

“You’re welcome!” He shouted back. I took a sip of my sprite and as I lifted the cup up, I noticed a white piece of paper taped to the bottom.

“Guys! He gave me his number! I said, while unfolding it.

“Aww!!!” Everyone said.  And by everyone, I mean all of the boys, and just one of the girls voices. 

“Oh, Katy, when we went to the mall, we got you a new phone.” Liam said, handing me a black IPhone with and Orange and Camo case.

“We already put our numbers, downloaded all of our songs, and put a few apps on it!” he said. I carefully took the phone and kissed it.

“Thank you guys so much!” I said, very grateful that my first phone was an IPhone.

5 “You’re Welcomes” came my way, and I quickly turned on the phone. I added Christian’s number, set the phone down in my lap, and began to look at the menu. It only took me a couple of seconds to find what I wanted. I only looked at the pictures.

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