Chapter 16

“Good job Simon!” Zayn said, patting his back.

“Yeah, nice job!” Louis said, but patting his head.

“Thank you Zayn, and Louis.” Simon said.

Liam looked at his watch and spoke “Hey guys and girls, its 1:27, do we all want to go get lunch somewhere, or go back to our respected houses and eat?” he asked us.

“Nandos!” Niall shouted.

“Ok, do we all want to go to Nandos?” Liam asked all of us. All of the guys, me, and two of the girls raised their hands. I think Lee and Jade raised their hands while Perrie and Jesy complained about it affecting their diets

“Ok, so let’s just all go to Nandos, and Perrie and Jesy can deal, and get something else?” Liam asked.

“Well, I’ll leave you guys and girls to it, I have an important meeting to attend to.” Simon said, leaving the room.

“Bye Simon thanks!” Everyone said.

The boys and I all got into our limo while the girls got into theirs.

“So guys, how do you like Little Mix?” I asked nobody in particular.

“Perrie is whiny, but I like the other girls!” Harry said.

“Yeah, I agree with Harry. She complained about everything.” Niall added.

“Really? I thought that she was quite nice!” Zayn said, looking like he was in dream-land.

“Oh!! Zaynies gots a chrushie wushie!” Louis said, pinching his cheeks.

“Stap it!” Zayn said, smacking Louis’ hands away from his face. Zayn had apparently pushed Louis enough to shove him off his leather seat, and onto the dirty carpet floor.

“Ow Zayn! That really hurt!” Louis cried imitating the little British boy on YouTube. Everyone but Harry and Louis were laughing because Harry was on the floor, comforting Louis.

It was so cute, Harry had Louis’ head on his lap, and he was playing with Louis’ hair in his hands. We could still hear Louis’ sniffles even when we got to Nandos.

“LEGGO!” Niall shouted as the limo parked. He jumped out… and fell flat on his face. “I’m all good if you’re all wondering.” He said.

Everyone was still laughing at Niall’s fall when the girls’ limo pulled up. Niall was attempting to get up while he was laughing. The girls’ limo door opened, reveling Jade. She stepped out, followed by Lee, Jesy, and finally Perrie. Perrie looked around distastefully, and finally stepped out after looking at her surroundings. By now, Niall had gotten up off of the asphalt. He was probably afraid that Perrie would chastise him.

“So… who’s ready to eat?” Harry asked, trying to start a conversation.

“ME, ME, ME!!” Niall shouted, jumping up and down. Already recovered by his fall. Perrie gave him a death glare, and Niall shut up.

“Well… I guess…we go in now?” Liam said, unsure. Everyone started walking but Louis started flapping his hands and singing:

“My mama told me not to waste my life, she said spread you wings my little butterfly. Don’t let what they say keep you up at night, cause they can’t detain you… cause wings were made to fly!” All the way up to the front entrance. Louis got there first, so he waited for us.

I could easily tell that Perrie wasn’t happy about not maintaining her diet… but she can suck it up and deal with it.

Once our big group got in, a waiter came over and showed us to a table. It was huge! The table alone could sit at least 15 people, so we all fit. I ended up sitting next to Niall on my left, and Lee on my right. Then Zayn was across from me.

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