I Fight 4 You

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No matter what, Maya know I got her back and when I seen her fighting back for me and I had it on my own, I told her to stay back but of course you can't tell Maya shit. LOL. When I seen them dudes beating on her like she was a man, That's what fucking ticked me off even more. How the fuck you gone beat on a damn woman like that? They wouldn't do that shit to me. Anyways, I just bought the girls a puppy, It's a Pomeranian. It's white and I hope the girls like him, I'm headed back to the house now. Them niggas Betta watch out cause I'm gone find they asses belee that. They fucked up when they messed with Fam, I don't give a damn if you talking shit to me because I can handle my own but when you put your hands on my wife? Na, that shit ain't happening.

"Baby? Where's the girls? And ain't you supposed to be resting."

"I am, And outback with Travis."

"I got they puppy and he's house trained"


"Yep, see" I said taking my hands from behind my back and showing her the puppy

"Oh my God, It's so beautiful. Girl or boy?"


"Awe, what we gone name em?"

"That's up to the girls."

"DADDY OMG HE GOT A PUPPY!!! APRIL!! LOOK" autumn said running in the house


The girls came running over and I sat the puppy down and they played with the puppy and they was happy and that's the way I like it

"Baby, come here" I told her

She came over to me and I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her cheek, "I love you, You know that right?"

"Yep, I love you too."

"Good, I'm really sorry about elbowing you in the lip"

She laughed, "August, it is fine baby. I know you didn't mean it, So it's not like you did it on purpose."

I kissed her

"What y'all gone name him?" Travis asked the girls while petting the puppy

"King" autumn said

"August" April said smile

"How about King August." Maya said bending down and playing with him

"Yeah, yeah cool." the girls said

"Good, Tomorrow we can go shopping for his collar" Maya said

"Cool, mama!"


Maliyah, her boyfriend and I walked into Maya & August house and the girls was chasing this puppy around the house. We quickly shut the door before he went out

"Hi Daddy" April said

"Hey Baby girl." I said picking her up and kissing her cheek

"How was school?" I asked her

"We didn't go today."

"And why not?"

"Because we was taking care mama" she said



Short I know next chap be longer

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