II. Over the Hills and Far, Far Away...

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Sighing, I walked around the now empty, now chair-less room. At that latter thought, I scowled, cursing Braith for being the only furniture in the boring room. Now where was I to sit? My mind decided to peruse the swarm of thoughts about the current situation I was in--if it wasn’t a figment of my imagination, a consideration that I wasn’t so sure of—which caused me to hurriedly walk back and forth in the room. What was I doing here? How did I even get here in the first place? Is any of this real? What the fuck is going on?!?!

“Ah, Miss Serafina,” a smooth, deep voice jostled me from my thoughts—and my walk—and I abruptly halted, swinging my head around in the direction of the voice. “How’re ya findin’ everything?”

Well, I’m finding you alright, you sexy looking mother—

“Fine,” I gave him a tight-lipped smile while taking in his appearance, “just fine.” Were all of these beings as good looking as Gods? Because this one certainly was. Standing at a whopping height of what could be no less than six foot four inches, he was broad and sculpted—his muscles very well-defined under the simple black tee-shirt and fitting jeans. Definitely a change in attire from Braith…not that that was a bad thing… He folded his lean arms over his chest and cracked a crooked smirk my way, raising a dark brow in the process. His face was just as ethereal and beautiful as Braith’s, though very different; his features stood out a little more, as they were a bit more masculine than his cousin’s, and much less soft. His skin was a bit darker, as well, hinting at the possibility of a tan. He bore slightly disheveled, midnight-colored hair that hung to below his chin, and what wasn’t haphazardly smoothed back was tucked away behind his ears. Looking further up, I met his stunning topaz eyes…they seemed to be looking in my direction.

“Alright, lass. I think you’ve just about took in enough of me for everyone, eh?” He chuckled lightly, and nodded in my direction. He looked rather amused. I wasn’t. My cheeks were fuming; had I been that obvious when I was checking him out? I mean looking him over…?

“Aren’t you just full of yourself?” I smoothed my hands over my dress and huffed, and veered the subject as far away from my own embarrassment as I could. “So…are you Myrddin, then?”

A small smile tugged at his full lips. “Aye, lass. I’m assuming Braith filled you in on tha’ little bit of information.”

I nodded, “Yeah, but that was about the only information he decided he was going to fill me in on.” I rolled my eyes, slightly annoyed at the both of them. I really wanted answers, even if they were formed by imaginary creatures I had managed to make up in la la land. “That being said, can I ask—”

“What you’re doing here?” He smirked at my placid expression. “Well, love, you’re here because you’re family…in a way, tha’ is. We need ya here so we can teach’ya how to uphold your duty to this realm.”

I was never more confused, amused, and irritated in my life. “My duty? To do what exactly? Wait, let me guess. I’m destined to take the ring to Mordor and have it destroyed, right?” I scoffed. Did he really think I was that stupid? That I’d fall that easily for his jokes? I seriously wanted to just go home already; this was getting really old, really quickly. He laughed quite a bit, placing a hand over his muscled chest.

“Sure thing, love. You can do all tha’ after you’re trained to be the new Keeper.”

It was my turn to laugh. So he was playing along, was he? “So, I’ve first got to make sure your team—I’m going to assume you’re Slytherin…you look like a Slytherin—doesn’t score in the game, and then, after the game is over, and we win, because everyone knows Gryffindor trumps the shit out of Slytherin, I get to defeat Sauron? Awesome! Let me just note that in my planner.” I pretended to pull a notebook from behind my back, but leaned forward before I could finish miming and began laughing. It was peculiarly funny to me that he was a Harry Potter f—

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