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As the sun arose A new day began and as the students of 1-A arrived they arrived to an...odd start. There layed Izuku Midoriya in a green sleeping bag sleeping over Shota Aizawa. The class stood shocked before sitting down still trying to comprehend what they were witnessing. After half an hour they both woke up and shed the sleeping bags. They then proceed to stand walk to their respective seats and sit nonchalantly as if nothing happened. "Okay class today we will be taking a veeeeerrryyyy special field trip" Aizawa said to the class. They then burst into whispers of where they would be going.

"ENOUGH!" Shouted Aizawa quelling the ruckus that was growing rapidly. "You'll find out when we get on the bus bring your hero costumes and get ready well be accompanied by two other hero's" Aizawa explained. The students nodded and walked to the locker rooms putting on their hero suits. Soon they were escorted to the bus and sat starting some conversations. "Okay class today we are going to be going to the USJ or the Unforseen Simulation Joint" she said and sat as the bus started to move. "So Midoriya your secondary quirk is like an UNO reverse card right?" Tsuyu asked. "Well yes but it's not a secondary quirk it's part of my one quirk that has multiple branches if you will and yes it's an UNO reverse card but basically...no wait UNO reverse card" Izuku explained. The bus then quieted before outbursting in surprise. "Bro that's op as fuck" Kirishima yelled. "Yeah I get that a lot" Izuku replied.

Soon the arrived and stood in awe at the facility. "Hello kids and welcome to the USJ also known as the Unforseen Simulation Joint I'm your secondary teacher if you will the pro hero 13" the Space suit wearing hero said. Aizawa then pulled 13 aside and explained something in (A/N:the voice performance behind the character (and their pronouns) suggested the pro was a female character.) Her ear to Wich she nodded. "Oh cool they even have fake villains" Kirishima said. Aizawa looked over and ran over to her punching the Villain in the skull knocking her out. "These aren't fake villains protect the kids thirteen" Aizawa yelled. (A/N: Uh skip to the nomu). 'What.The.Fuck'. This was the only thing ringing through everyone's mind as they saw the Nomu burst from the portal and pummel Aizawa.

Izuku...well Izuku was pissed. Izuku watched as Aizawa was screaming in pain and reaching for something SOMEONE to help her SAVE her. Izuku then summoned twin bow harlett and hijacked it's brain stopping it from further damaging Aizawa. And then...he went ballistic. Purple and black flames enveloped him and expand until it faded and revealed Izuku's Assault Mode. He then unsealed his katana and lostvayne slashing several times until the Nomu was paste and burned it to ashes. And then burned the ashes to nothing. He then started at the small army and Shirigaki. He dispersed the army quickly and rushed Shirigaki slashing her in the chest so fast fucker didn't even feel it as Izuku's flames cauterized the cuts. "KUROGIRI GET US OUTTA HERE" Shirigaki yelled. Obliging the portal thing? teleported them at the hideout. Only then...did Shirigaki notice the scar running from her left shoulder to the bottom of her right hip. And Izuku promptly passed out.

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