Day 4 • 1. Makeup lesson

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It had been mostly boring at the office these last 2 days. Kongpob wasn't there because he had to be at some congress. Arthit had been so bummed out by that.

Though there was one moment that wasn't boring at all. Yesterday, when Arthit had to make some copies, he busted Prem and Wad in the copy room. Prem was sucking on Wad's dick while the machine was printing. Pictures of Wad's ass came blowing out of the machine because the guy sat with his naked ass on top, while Prem's head was buried deep between his legs.

"Ahhh...Prem, F-fuck, deeper babe...ahh..." Wad had screamed while he yanked on his boyfriend's hair.

Arthit quickly had closed the door and went to his desk again.

It was an image that will probably never be erased from his memory. He didn't know if he was repulsed by it or turned on by it.

"You shouldn't get drunk while I'm trying to teach you things here," Jill said while Arthit took a gulp of wine again. "Pay attention."

"I'm not getting drunk. I'm just trying to forget that I'm getting lessons on how to put makeup on myself like I'm some teenage girl."

Jill laughed. "Ok, so what next?" she then asked.

"Uhhh, mascara?" Arthit answered.

"Mascara? Tell me, Arth, do you think it's handy to put mascara on before you have put on your eyeshadow?!"

"Ok, eyeshadow it is," Arthit replied.

"Bingo! Good boy."

Jill nodded at the eyeshadow pallet and Arthit dipped his brush in.

"Not black, Arth!" she said.

"Oh yeah. First a light color."

Arthit brushed the black eyeshadow on the top of his hand.

Jill sighed. They were at this for 2 hours already and Arthit still looked like a clown when he put makeup on himself.

"How about we just go for a natural look? No make-up." Arthit sighed.

"You must wear something. You look too manly without any." Jill replied.

"Ok, you have a point, cause you know.. I'm literally A MAN."

Jill laughed and put a cookie in her mouth.

"Can you believe that I'm doing this while my sister is probably slurping on my friend's dick as we speak? The horror!"

"I'm happy for her. You're just jealous 'cause you wanna suck some dick too." Jill giggled.

"I so badly wanna suck Kongpob's dick." Arthit sighed. Jill was right about that. "But as long as I'm dressed like this, that will never happen."

"True," Jill replied. "But hey, this is your opportunity. You must tell him all about Arthit so that he wants to meet you. And you can also meet his family and come to know all these things about him. So basically you are cheating because you will have such an advantage for when Arthit will meet him for the first time. I mean Arthit, like in the man, not the dragqueen."

Arthit smiled slyly. "That's true."

He then applied a lighter shade of eyeshadow while Jill ate another cookie.

"You know you will complain when you have finished all those cookies, right?" Arthit said while he painted his eyelid with light golden shimmering shadow. Just a little bit.

"Yeah, I do, and sadly that doesn't stop me," Jill answered.

"How about this?" Arthit asked while he showed his eyes.

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