Situations and Resolutions

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"But how? The Hiraishin is a mix of time-space manipulation and sealing... Has he been getting training from somewhere?" Minato pondered.

"Well, Tsunade is the one who adopted him, so there is a great chance she taught him some sealing, but I don't think anyone has the same amount of sealing knowledge as you, except maybe Jiraiya, but he doesn't quite make it... What I do know, is that Tsunade trained him in the arts of healing." Kushina said a little downtrodden.

"Healing?" Minato asked surprised. Anyone who knows about Jinchuuriki, or Uzumaki for that matter, know that their chakra density and quantity is ridiculously too high to perform healing techniques.

"Yes. I can't believe we never noticed when we went to my pregnancy check ups. Tsunade appointed him her second in command." Kushina dropped the bombshell on Minato. 

"What?!" Minato asked stunned. 

"Yes. Her second in command..." Kushina confirmed while she rubbed her belly. 

"H-how? How were we so blind to all of this? How could we treat a child, OUR OWN CHILD, that way?! What the hell is wrong with us?!" Minato said as some seals lit up soon his forehead, something Kushina took notice of.

"What?" she muttered, curious and about to check the seals, until Minato began screaming in pain.

"GAAAAH!" Minato yelled as he held his head. 

"Minato!" Kushina said as she kneeled next to Minato as he thrashed.

"GRAHH GAH!" Minato continued to scream as he kept thrashing in pain, forcing Kushina to hold him using her adamantine chains.

"What is this?!" Kushina wondered out loud, noticing exactly what the seal in his forehead was.

"A Loyalty and Mind Alteration Seal?" she said as her eyes widened. 

'He is being controlled!' Kushina realized as she was about to remove it, however ended up losing control of her chains. Being pregnant and not keeping up with her training messed her up in controlling her chakra.

"GRAAAH!" Minato managed to escape the chains, turning his attention and a kunai to Kushina.

"Minato! Snap out of it!" Kushina yelled as she narrowly dodged the kunai. 

"What's happening?!" came Menma's voice from the staircase.

"Menma! Get away from here! It's not safe!" Kushina said as she dodged another kunai.

"KAA-CHAN! What's going on!? Why is Tou-chan doing this?!" Menma asked, terrified of what was happening. 

"Menma! Please, go to your room! Everything will be okay!" Kushina continued as she moved out of the way of another kunai slash, except this time, her arm was slashed.

"GAH!" She yelled in pain.

"KAA-CHAN!" Menma yelled as Minato aimed a strike at her stomach.

"NO!" Menma said as something impressive happened next. 

Red chains erupted from the house's floor, restraining Minato's strike. The source: Menma's back.

"M-Menma!" Kushina whispered in shock. 

"GRRAH!" Minato struggled, reminding Kushina of the looming danger. 

Immediately weaving through hand signs, Kushina gathered chakra in her hands and proceeded to slam the palms on Minato's forehead yelling:

"Fuin: KAI!" in the process releasing a large amount of chakra, successfully releasing Minato from the seals, rendering him unconscious.

"*pant* *pant* Menma... Are you okay?" Kushina said as she approached her son, hugging him as he released the chains and nearly collapsed.

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