Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"Who was the leader in your group?"

"Rick grimes."

He smirked.

"You'll reunite with your group."


Daryl was insisting they go back to get Beth's body but the group said they couldn't come back.

"Daryl it's suicide-"

"I don't care she wouldn't leave me behind!"

Rick knew he had to say it

"Daryl she's dead!"

Daryl's eyes widened

"How dare you. How fuckin dare you!"

Maggie stepped in. "Daryl-"

"What are you gonna say you just left her and went on field trip and god know what happened to her!"

He was crying now.

"Maybe...maybe I could have done something." He fell on the ground and started balling.


Beth had a determined look on her face. He found her now she would find him.

"Are you sure there headed to Washington?"

"Pretty sure"

Beth was ahead of Morgan although her condition was pretty fatal she was determined to find Daryl.

"So who is this Daryl, what is he to you?"

She smirked and glanced back at him.

"My everything. "

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