Detention, My Office. {Snape x Reader}

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(Hi I apologize this kinda sucks. These will get A LOT better once I get into the swing of things. I haven't written smut in a while so my first few stories might be lacking. I apologize!)


"Detention, my office in exactly 4 hours. Do not be late." Professor Snape shouted at you in front of the entire potions class. You nodded your head accepting your fate, your cheeks burning red with embarrassment from all the eyes on you.

You had been joking around with a friend and ended up knocking over your cauldron. Nothing was even in it but for some reason it was enough to warrant Professor Snape to grant you detention. Out of all the years you had been his student you never got detention in his class. Being in your 7th year at Hogwarts you kind of stopped caring so much about your grades and therefore did not take your classes too seriously. Potions was different though, you were always intimidated by Professor Snape so you normally made sure to pay attention and do your work so that you would not get on his bad side. You slipped this time though.

For the rest of the class you sat at your table, working on concocting a potion with your friend. You honestly were not paying attention because you were too too busy going over what happened in your head. You had planned to go to quidditch practice to watch your friends play tonight but now your plans were ruined because you knocked over a stupid cauldron. That wasn't even what was bothering you the most. What you couldn't get over was how that led to you getting detention. You were obviously not going to argue your case with Professor Snape because you knew it would get you nowhere, probably just more detentions.

"Y/l/n! Do you want house points taken for your lack of attention as well?" Professor Snape said after clearing his throat to get you to break out of your thoughts. You honestly did not even realize he was standing right next to you so this made you jump in your seat. "I- Uh no Professor. I'm sorry I'll pay attention. I was jus-" You were cut off by him as he slammed his hand down onto the table. "I do not want any excuses Miss y/l/n. If you cannot take my class seriously today I would advise you to leave before you make even more of a fool of yourself." He said in a low growl. Something about his actions sent a chill down your spine and you had to avert your eyes.

You could feel the tightness in your chest and your eyes began to water. Before you could let yourself breakdown and cry you nodded ever so slightly, packed up your things and quietly left the classroom. As soon as the door shut behind you, you leaned back against the stone wall and slid your back down it to sit on the cold floor. This is when you broke down, tears falling from your eyes. You had always been overly sensitive so being reprimanded by a professor never failed to make you cry, especially when it was Professor Snape.

Not wanting to move you stayed in the same spot, staring at the floor, thinking about the looks on your classmates faces. You did not realize how much time had gone by until you were shaken out of your trance by everyone leaving the classroom. Some students gave you a concerned look as your eyes met with theirs, while others just ignored you. After everyone had left you stood up, getting ready to leave and go to your next class but before you could take one step your eyes locked with Professor Snape's as he stood in the doorway of his classroom. Opening your mouth to speak, but closing it shut immediately as he looked at you with a blank expression before turning dramatically and walking back into his classroom.


Four hours had gone by and since you could not stop thinking about being given detention, you were already standing at the door of Professor Snape's office. You got there early and knocked but there was no answer so you just assumed he was on his way. Exactly at the time that you were supposed to be there, you heard the door unlock and open swiftly. You cautiously peaked your head into the room to see if he was in there when you heard him speak. "Come in Miss y/l/n..." He said as he sat at his desk, grading papers.

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