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Chapter 1

Takes place after Coda-

They lay beth down in the back seat. Maggie's silently crying and Daryl is screaming and sobbing.

"We will take Beth with us." Rick says as he points at Michonne. They start to hop in separate cars daryl starts to get in the back of the car with Beth. "Daryl you should get in a different car" rick touches his arm. He silently replies "no" "Daryl-" he swings his head around and screams "No." He gets in the car and places Beth's head in his lap. He starts to cry again the car starts to move. He starts wispering "you were right I do miss you" and "you changed my mind" over and over. It's two hours before they run into a herd and get stuck. Rick turns around and tells Daryl "we gotta go" "what!" "We have to leave her" I'm not leaving her!" Michonne speaks up "Daryl Beth wouldn't want this" he kisses her on the head and leaves.

-4 hours later-

Morgan starts to walk up the road and sees cars abandoned. The blue cars door starts to open and he sees a blonde woman with blood and scars on her face get out of the car. He walks up to her drapes her arm over his shoulder and says "are you alright" he hears her silently say "Daryl"

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