Chapter Twenty

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"I dont know.."

"The only thing I can tell you Lauren.. is to follow your heart. I know the shit is better said than done but its true."

"What if the baby is Marcus' but I choose to be with Evan.. or vise versa."

"If thats what your heart told you then hey, you cant fight love."

Stacy and I continued to talk as Marcus came back in the house.

"I hope you ladies had a good conversation while I was gone." Marcus said as he walked in with the bag of food.

"We did Marcus, and I hope you got me a meal in that bag."

"I might and I might not with yo greedy ass."

"What did you buy Marcus" I said as I sat up in the bed.


"Oh hell yeah!" Stacy said as she sat up. "If you aint got me a plate, me and you gone share yours."

"The hell you say! Why you and Lauren cant share?" Marcus asked while he looked down trying to figure out which plate is which.

Stacy and I looked at each other.

"Cause Lauren need hers."

A sigh of relief exscaped my lips when Stacy didnt respond how I thought she would. I was so sure that she was going to say Cause Lauren is eating for two.

"Well I guess you ass out." He said as he laughed and handed me my plate.

Stacy sucked her teeth.

"Nah Im just playing." He said as he handed Stacy her plate. "Why would I just buy food for us and leave you out?"

Stacy grabbed her plate from Marcus.

"So Marcus, I hear that the whole baby thing was a lie."

"Yup, and I would ask how you know but Im sure Lauren told you."

"I did."

"I know.. but yeah, she lied. Some how she thought that a baby would make me leave Lauren and start a family with her."

"Wow." Stacy said. "Was you mad about it?"

"Hell yeah, she lied but I was somewhat relieved that she wasnt."

"And why is that."

I gave Stacy a look as she egged the conversation on but I wasnt going to stop her because I needed to know.

"Cause the shit just wouldnt be right if Lauren aint the one carring my seed. Now that she aint knocked up, Lauren and I can start going half on a baby."

Stacy did the kermit the frog move as she sipped on her drink.

"Enough of this baby talk." I said as I tried to change the conversation. "You dont have to go back to work?" I asked Marcus.

"Speaking of work, one of my elderly clients out of town just planned to meet with Nick and me tomorrow and I have to leave really early in the morning."

"How long is the drive?"

"Thats what Nick and I are discussing when I head back to the office in a few. If the drive is too long then we might have to take the night train or fly."

"Okay then.."

"But I'll let you know before I make any moves aight."


Marcus got up and left to head back to the office.

"So.. You think he fareal?" Stacy asked.

"I think he is.. at least I hope."

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