9 - The Blue Spirit

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So we met a guy named Jet. Yea I know he probably gave that name to himself. Anyways him and a group of friends seemed to be good people, nope Jet was a cold blooded killer.

No one believed mine and Sokka suspicions when we said they are bad guys. Well we proved them wrong alright. We got to actually high five this time too.

Next we helped two completely different groups of people travel through a valley, in the end they got along. Big woop. Oh ya we also fought these giant spider thingies.

After a long ride on Appa we landed in a new place. I really like this moving around thing and not sticking to one place. So like it's fun for me. Aang, Katara and I have also been learning water bending together.

We decide to head to a market but Sokka thinks it's a bad idea, it was based on his dream. He said that the food ate people? Momo could talk? He said mean things? He's an idiot.

We actually reach the market, but with no money. Sokka decides to get a job even though there might be a really bad storm.

There ended up actually being a pretty bad storm so we went and saved Sokka with some other guy. This whole time I just really went with the flow and didn't go too over the top since I was really just figuring myself out. I didn't get a lot of time for meditating though.


"Ew Sokka stop coughing everywhere, cover dammit" I make a shield with my forearms as Sokka coughs everywhere.

"Sowwy (Y/n) I twy" I felt bad he looked like he was really sick.

Katara puts a wet rag on his forehead hoping it brings his fever down.

"You know what I love about Appa the most? His sense of humor" Sokka says out of nowhere.

"That's nice. I'll tell him" Katara says.

Appa lets out a soft roar

"ehehehe classic Appa" Sokka says super drowsily, making me laugh a bit.

Being in the storm made him this way poor guy.. Not really, it's his fault. I'm going to slap him when he gets better.

"I couldn't find any ginger root for the tea, but I found a map. There's a herbalist institute on the top of that mountain. We could probably find a cure for Sokka there" Aang says, but Katara advises he rests and we don't travel. Then the water tribe girl begins to cough.. great.

"Cover your mouth dammit" I take a few steps back. "We should probably get that medicine Aang" I look over to Aang, we grab our staffs to glide there.

Update: There's lightning. We will go on foot😀

"Aang, I'll race you!" I run off.

We run using our air bending to get there faster. I use my fire bending to push myself forward.

"Hey no fair!" He looks over to me.

"Learn fire bending avatar it's not my fault!" We both laugh as we run to the institute.

He ended up winning by a few steps, what.

"Hello. I'm sorry to barge in like this, but I need some medicine for my friends" Aang quickly says looking at the only person in this place.

"They have fevers and have been cough-" I add but the lady interrupts.

"Settle down, young ones. Your friends are going to be fine" She begins telling some random story about herself, sorry old lady but we really didn't ask.

She takes for what feels like eternity and finally comes back. I sat cross legged just to wait, my feet were tired.

So this whole time she wasn't even making the cure. She was making her stupid cat dinner. She explains we need frozen wood frogs? Sokka and Katara have to suck on them mwahahah.

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