Chapter thirty two

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[a/n] im "sorry" for the cliffhanger from last time. Also sharing some (hopefully) exciting news at the end of this

“What?” I asked, “Who is it?”

“Tyler just posted this photo with her.” She touched her screen a few times and then handed it to me again, and now I was looking at  a picture of Tyler with the girl I was just looking at, his arm around her waist and his lips on her cheek.

what?” I said, probably sounding as disappointed, maybe even heartbroken as I felt.
“what is it?” Olivia asked. I showed her and Scott the photo and fell back on the bed, my head hitting the pillow.

“Wait has Liv, has anyone commented?” Scott asked.

“Uh yeah, there’s like 40, let me see. ‘omg so cute’ ‘aw are you guys dating?’ ‘TYLER!! *hearteyes*’ okay what even are these.. wait, here: ‘Good seeing you guys together again’” Olivia read.

“Wait, who said that last one?” I asked.

Scott yanked the phone from Olivia’s hands and read “madsjoe”

“That’s Maddy. Gosh. That’s Tyler’s sister. What the actual frick is going on here?!” I said, half mad and kind of on the brink of crying.

“What a dick!” Scott yelled. “Does he even have a single working cell in that brain of his? What kind of mad man is he, he can’t do this to you. If I ever see this guy, Jen, he better watch out. Gosh.”

“Scott, please. I love how concerned you are for Jen, and I am too, but this doesn’t have to mean anything. Okay?” Paige said, trying to calm Scott.

“Well I mean he does at least owe us an explanation he can’t just do this! No matter how famous or whatever.” Scott replied, voice still raised.

“Scott, I really appreciate this, but I don’t know.” I said, still laying back. “I guess there is a slight chance Paige is right, even though the signs aren’t really pointing hat way, I mean, he never texts me or anything so maybe I was just having high hopes.”

“Does he even have an ex that could possibly be this girl?” Olivia asked, and I nodded, having heard half the story of Tyler’s pregnant ex.

“I could text Maddy to ask but I don’t really feel like doing that. Anyways, can we please talk about something else? Don’t really want to think of things that make me sad right now, I don’t want to waste this precious time on that.” I said.


Olivia, Paige and Scott had stayed for dinner, the girls had left shortly after. Scott was just now, about an hour later, almost leaving. He’d apologized several times for his eruption, and I kept thanking him for standing up for me. After he left, I watched the news with my grandparents, and then some random TV show. The TV show got kind of boring, so I got my phone from upstairs. 2 unread texts.

[Tyler] “hey”

[Tyler] ‘how are you? Sorry I didn’t text earlier. We’ve been really busy and Josh is out right now so I finally have some time for myself.”

Initially, I was happy Tyler texted me. For a moment I hesitated whether I had to reply or not, but I soon decided to reply and forget about the whole thing on Instagram (for now)

[Jenna] “Hey :) I’m okay. Getting turnt with my grandparents, youknow. How are you? Glad you have some free time.”

[Tyler] “hahha, I bet. I’m okay, a little tense from everything that’s going on, but most of it is exciting. I miss home, though.”

[Jenna] “Me too. But shouldn’t EVERYTHING be exciting? How’s the city?”

[Tyler] “the city is very nice :) wait, can I call you? Don’t know, kind of miss talking to you :(“

[Jenna]“yeah of course! :) I miss talking to you too” I replied, probably a bit too quick. I couldn’t help it though, nor could I help the fluttering feeling in my chest.

Less than half a minute later, my phone rang. I knew I shouldn’t pick up immediately, but I couldn’t wait for more than three seconds, so after waiting for that three-second-eternity, I picked up.

“Hey” I said, awkwardly smiling at the wall in front of me (phone calls aren’t awkward at all)

”Hey Jen!” Tyler exclaimed cheerfully, he sounded genuinely happy to talk to me. “How’s life?”

“A tad confusing as always, but I’m having the time of my life. How about you?”

Tyler chuckled, “me too, actually. I do miss home though, and my parents, and you, and Zack and Maddy and even Jay. Wait a sec, I think.. Josh is coming back.”

I heard muffled sounds of a door and then I faintly recognized Josh’s voice, greeting Tyler. Tyler said something back, to which Josh replied again. Then Tyler started talking a lot louder and suddenly he was back at his phone, talking to me.

“Jen, sorry. I have to go. Uh I’ll call or text you later, sorry.”

“Wait wha-“ and then Tyler had hung up. “Well, what the frick.”

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