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Tsubasa looked back at the room she used to stay in. All of Acchan's stuff was lieing in boxes. She wipped her tears and continued. After she mailed Acchan's stuff to Daichi she took her own boxes and moved into Kaori's room. She put on a beautiful blue suit and high heels. The new manager of Akb0048. She was going to find out what the next generation has to do with Acchan. Everyone was sad and down. The world was changing and soon Acchan would be forgotten.They remembered the good times. Times of laughter and happiness. Acchan's smile always outshone everyone and showed her kind heart. They remebered her words. Acchan's words. "I go because I want to see them." she says. Tsubasa puts her glasses on untill it reached the top of her nose. "I will find the next generation. And I will surely save you Acchan." Tsubasa said. Acchan was around then but she only smiled and whispered a quiet, "Thank you."

Thanks for reading my story and supporting me up untill now! I know I can be a real pain sometimes. I dedicate this book to AnimeNo1 fan, Shir0Yuki, and AnimeShirokami123 I hope that maybe someday I could figure out the mystery of Acchan! But that won't stop me from writing! Untill the next book or as in Akb0048 untill next stage....

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