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I got to a fucking fight after my concert cause these niggas was talking shit about Maya, I was about to walk away but them niggas started shit so I fucking finished it. Maya kept screaming for them to get off .

"AUGUST!" She yelled

I pulled back and Travis pulled back

"Let's go" I said before going back and jumping on them niggas

"Y'all always filming the bad shit, Bet you gone take out what they said about my wife. Betchu dat." I said to TMZ

"Baby, Leave it alone. Lets just go."


I turned around and went back in trying to get through to them niggas.

"AUGUST!" Maya screamed


Travis ran over and all of them piled up on August and that's when I got mad, I took off and beat every nigga that was kicking August, Travis helped me at one point and than he pulled me back.

"YO WTF GOING ON?" trey said running over

"BITCH" one of the dudes said pulling Maya back

With me still holding my stomach i got up and pushed the nigga off of her and i went back to fighting. Maya tried to get all them off but Trey joined in helping me and Travis. When she pulled mr back my elbow hit her lip

"Damn, baby you okay?"

"Let's just go" she begged crying

"GET THEM OUT" August said

The security finally escorted them niggas out and i turned her to look at me

"Damn baby, I ain't mean it" i said grabbing my shirt and dapping her lip that was busted and bleeding

"I feel sick." She said falling against the wall

"Baby?" I said

"I don't feel good, At all." She said dropping my head

"Yo get her some water Travis."

Travis ran down the hall and into the dressing room and he came back with the water, i was still sore , i grabbed the water and handed it to me

"YALL AINT FILMING THIS SHIT." I yelled to TMZ who was walking off

"August, calm down please." Maya said drinking the water and catching her breathe

"Yo we gotta get her to the hospital." I said lifting her up and trying to carry her out the building


I lifted up my shirt to fan myself and I seen a couple bruises, before August trey or Travis could see them I pulled my shirt down

"What happened?" Trey asked

"They was talking shit about Maya and I told them some shit and next thing you know we fighting back and forth"

"Aug are you alright?"

"As soon as I find out if she good, imma be good"

"August no, you was jumped. are you okay?" I asked him

"I'm sore but, I'm fine." he said

"Travis was beating some ass though" I said laughing and high fiving Travis

"You attack fam, You attack me." he said laughing


August laid me on the table and the doctor lifted up my shirt, August began to get mad, I grabbed his hand and squeezed it to calm him down

"What happened?" The doctor asked

"Some dudes attacked her at my concert." august said not going into details

"Baby girl, you feeling any sharp pains below your stomach?"

I nodded

"You feeling light headed?"

I nodded

"It's because you're threatening a miscarriage. " The doctor said

"Wait what?" We both asked the doctor

"You're pregnant." the doctor said

"Is the baby okay?" I asked

"It will be, Just relax and meanwhile stay away from fights okay? And your ribs are fine, Just bruised" she said referring to the bruises on my stomach from when the dude was beating on me when I was fighting back

"Okay thanks"

"You're welcome."

August helped me down and we hugged, he kissed my forehead

"I love you" he said getting emotional

"I love you too, August. Don't scare me like that again, next time they say shot walk away. They just wanna make you fall." I told him in a whisper

"I know" he sniffed, "I know baby girl, Lets get you home."

I nodded and we left the room, Travis, Trey and the body guards ran over to us

"She okay ?"

"I'm pregnant" I said with a little chuckle

"Congrats." they said




"Baby number 4.. We all know what this gone be, A girl" I joked

"Hmm, I think so too." I said resting my head on August lap and my feet on treys lap

"August you aigh?"

A/N they did not really jump august, August was stumping the dude into the ground with Travis lol 😂 Travis held August back omg TMZ always trying to see august fall. hate tmz 😫

"Yea, I'm good bro. Thanks for the help." august said dapping me

"Anytime, bruh"

"Travis was stumping them niggas like...." she laughed

"You was beating on that nigga like, I ain't know you could fight" Travis joked

"Nigga, Do you know who you talking too? Maya Amour. Betta ask somebodyyy" she sung

"Haha I know you savage baby girl."

"UNCLE TRAVIS!! DADDY!! UNCLE AUG" April said running in

Maya sat up

"Mama, Daddy what happened?" The girls asked

"Nothinh, we good"

"Mum?" Maliyah asked looking at her mom

"Look it up on TMZ, bet they gone have the shit on there, Not gone be the whole thing though" August said


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