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So hubby has not been frequenting home unlike before, well blame it on unnecessary transfers from their unit to another without proper replacement. This means lesser staff but truckload of works in the office.

Later today, hubby called me and while we're discussing, he mentioned to my utmost happiness that he would be home by the weekend. Well the kids overheard us.

1yo: Daddy!

I placed the phone on loudspeaker.

Hubby: yes boy, how're you doing?

1yo: pine (fine).

Hubby: (laughs) he's growing and is responding cutely.

I smiled at this.

4yo&6yo: Daddy, good morning we miss youuuu

Hubby: I miss you much more. How are you doing?

Both: Fine

4yo: Daddy when are you coming home?

Hubby: by the weekend. I'll be home on Friday and stay till Sunday, okay?

4yo: (nods) okay.

6yo: are you sure?

Hubby: yes! (Laughs). (Well don't blame the kids, plans had changed severally over the last month)

6yo: ok oo.

Hubby: what do I get for you while coming?

Both: (speaking differently). Apples. Banana. Juice. Yoghurt. Biscuit. Sweet. Gala. Power ranger car, Torchlight

Me: you have Torchlight.

6yo: we need a spare one by the way, that one doesn't till morning any day NEPA decides not to bring the light.

Hubby: (laughs hysterically) it will be better I buy the whole market.

6yo: yay!!!!!! That will be awesome. (Turns to her sister). Daddy said he'll buy the whole market in the world and bring them here.

Hubby: (laughs like crazy, honestly I joined him)

4yo: (overly excited) that means we'll have everything we want??

6yo: and more! (She begins to dance)

Me: (I'm confused. Don't know whether to jubilate at their innocence or be angry on their ignorance).

Both: daddy bye.... We love you

Hubby: (still laughing) love you too.

Me:(replaces the phone on speaker free). Better fulfil your promise
Later in the day. I was resting in the room. Kaima walks in.

Kaima: Mum

Me: yes

Kaima: who is coming back at the weekend, my daddy or your husband?

Me: (surprised) are they different people?

Kaima: just answer me first.

Me: is your daddy not my husband?

Kaima: I don't know.

Me: (squizes my brow and feign anger). What do you mean?

Kaima: mummy relax. I'm asking because if it's my daddy that is coming this weekend, then he'll surely come, but if it's your husband that is coming, then something will happen in the office and he won't come again...


Side note: hubby and I need to sit down and talk about this. This perception isn't good at all. God help us.

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