Baby Bella

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Carlisle's POV

Someone from my work called me in saying we had a car accident. These are one of the worst kind of accidents because someone always dies.

I got in my car, almost speeding to get there. That's when I saw it.

Chief Swan's car. He was the one in the accident. I got out and tried to look at what happened.

"Excuse me sir, who are you?" A man asked me.

"I got called here, I'm Carlisle Cullen, doctor of Forks Washington. Now let me through so I can see what happened." I said to the man.

"Go right a head sir." He said to me.

I was in shock. Chief Swan and his wife are in the car, dead. Renee(Chief Swan's wife) was pregnant.

"Everyone over here so we can deliver this baby now before it dies!!" I yelled at them.

We got Renee in the hospital to deliver the baby. We did a C section on her. The baby came out perfect. It was a girl with big brown eyes and some hair, brown hair to be exact. I have the perfect idea. I had to call Esme.

"Esme, can I ask you a question?" I asked her.

"Of course. You can ask me anything." She responded.

"Charlie Swan and his wife Renee Swan were in an accident, they both died" she gasped. "Renee was pregnant though so we did a C section on her. I was wondering if we can... Well... Adopt the baby." I said to her.

"Oh gosh Carlisle, honey she's full blooded. Jasper will go crazy." She sounded pretty worried.

"We won't let him get her, honey we will let her have an amazing life. Imagine, having another kid, maybe she will be Edward's true love. We'll never know." I said to her.

"Alright fine!" She said as if she was crying.

"Put Rosalie and Emmett on the phone." I said to her.

"Yeah dad?" Rosalie asked.

"I was wondering if you'd like to adopt a baby." I asked her.

"Well that was short notice. Emmett what do you think? Should we adopt a kid? I think it will be amazing! I've always wanted a kid but I couldn't! Oh Emmett please!" She begged Emmett.

"Alright fine." Emmett said to Rosalie.

"Just come down to the hospital quick." I told them.

"Okay bye." They both said then hung up the phone.


They both made it to the hospital on time.

"Alright... Well, where is she?" Rosalie asked me.

"Being checked out to see if she can be adopted by you guys. It's going to be fine though." I told them.

"Alright guys just sign a couple of papers and you're ready to go!" Jenny(an employ) said to us. 

Edwards POV

I heard Emmett and Rose talking on the phone with Carlisle, they were talking about adopting another child. I think it's a terrible idea. What about Jasper? He is very new to this family, he could slip up any time.

"Just come down to the hospital quick" I hear Carlisle say to Rose and Em.

They both said 'okay', hung up the phone and were on their way down to the hospital.

I decided to kill some time by asking anyone if they would want to go hunting with me. Well, we are going to have a full blooded baby in here, so why not?

"Does anyone want to go hunting with me?" I asked everyone.

They all raises their hands. Especially Jasper.

"Jasper, are you okay with this?" I asked him.

"Not really, but if it makes my Alice happy, then I'm happy." He told me.

"Thanks Jaz." Alice said to him.

"Let's just go hunting, if we're going to have a full blooded baby come in then we're going to go hunting. Just in case." I told them.

We all ran vampire speed in the woods. I started to climb trees. Climbing trees was a really fun thing to do. Especially when you're a vampire. Then I smelled the blood of a mountain lion. It made my mouth water. I growled to everyone and they knew that ment he's mine. I pounced on it, he was trying to escape, like that was going to work, and I sunk my teeth into its neck and sucked up all the blood. He was done before I was. I only need to hunt two more things, then I'm done. After a while I got two deer.

After we got home our eyes were a gold color.

I heard Carlisle, Rose and Em talking like usual, but it was different. I heard a heartbeat. I stiffened. Then I saw her. I tried tuning into her thoughts but I couldn't. Why couldn't I read her thoughts? I need to ask Carlisle. I walked in and look her in the eyes.

"What's her name?" I asked to anyone who was listening. 

"Her full name is Isabella Marie Swan Hale, but for her first name we're just going to call her Bella." Rose answered. "Isn't she beautiful? She's gorgeous right?"

"Very beautiful and gorgeous." I told her.

I couldn't look away from her.

Edward, what is she thinking of? Carlisle thought to me.

"Oh Carlisle, I can't read her mind." I told him. Everyone stared at me in shock." I know it's weird for me right now. I'm so used to being able to hear everyone's mind." I told them.

"Well" Alice started "me and Jaz are going to go shopping for her. We'll be back by sundown."

"Can I hold her?" I asked Rose.

"Sure, be careful though." She told me. I gave her that you have go to be kidding me look.

Rose handed Bella to me. I held her for a long time. After I tried to give her to Rose, she would cry. So I just kept her.

Baby Bella Swan Hale.

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