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Author: byteentales

One sentence summary: Quinn Eden is the new manager of One Direction, and as she stays with the band longer, she falls in love with Harry, who also happens to be her childhood love.

To improve:
There were a few grammatical mistakes, especially ones regarding time tenses. Also, I felt like it could use more descriptions of the sceneries and a little less descriptions of actions.

To preserve:
The quick-pace and lightheartedness of the plot made it so easy and fun to read!

My overall opinion:
This story really reminded me of the fetus ot5 days.
The writing was quick and not too heavy, there was a lot going on so that I couldn't ever get bored, and Quinn was really a badass character.

This story is for you if:
You miss ot5 and if you want to read a story that will bring a smile to your face and also make time pass quickly.

Just a reminder that this is purely my opinion, I am in no way an expert and this review is completely subjective.

Be kind- Rose 🌹

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