Chapter 11

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Link and Buddar stood a few feet away from each other, in the field. "The first thing you need to learn is basic defense." Link said. "When I come at you, block my attack with your shield."

Buddar nodded in understanding. Link smiled, then ran towards her. He slashed at her with his sword, but she held up her shield and blocked it. He tried slashing at her head, but she raised her shield and blocked that as well. "Nicely done!" Link said. "Now, let's try some attacks. Try to stab me in the stomach with your sword."

Buddar lunged at Link and jabbed towards his stomach, but he blocked it with his shield. "Good," He said. "But you'll need to be quicker. Now, try side-slashing me."

She slashed at him, much quicker than her previous attack. She almost managed to swipe Link with her wooden training sword, but he jumped back just in time. "Much better!" He praised her.

"Hey!" Navi interrupted. "Try sparring with her!"

"That sounds like a great idea!" Lyra chirped. "Then, Buddar can get used to the feel of battle!"

Link smiled. "Alright." He said, taking a few steps away from Buddar.

"Ready?" Lyra asked. "Begin!"

Link lunged towards Buddar and tried to jab her in the stomach, but she blocked him with her shield. She side-slashed him, but he blocked it with his shield. He tried to catch her off guard with a sudden uppercut, but she jumped out of the way and then successfully jabbed him in the stomach. Unfortunately, he was unaffected by the blow. He kicked her legs, causing her to lose her balance and fall over. He leaped on top of her and pinned her to the ground, making her unable to attack him any further. Link smirked triumphantly. "I win." He said.

Buddar smirked deviously and kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying off of her. She instantly pinned him to the ground so he couldn't move. "The battle isn't over until either I'm dead," She said. "Or my opponent is defeated."

He smiled warmly at her, a slight glint of admiration flashed through his eyes. "You really are quite an interesting person, Buddar." He said. "I've never met a girl as determined as you."

Buddar smiled. "Does this mean that you surrender?" She asked.

He laughed. "Nope!" He said, pushing her off of him and grabbing his sword. He swiped at her feet again, making her fall over, and pressed the tip of his sword to her neck.

"If this was a real fight," He said. "You'd be dead. Therefore, I win."

Buddar sighed in defeat. "Fine," She said, standing up and crossing her arms. "I'll admit defeat."

Link chuckled at the scowl on her face. "Oh, come on." He said. "You were very good, especially on your first try."

Buddar glanced up at him, the scowl slowly turned into a smile. "Thanks." She said. "But remember, I'm going to beat you one day, you can bet on that!"

Link laughed. "I'm sure you will." He said, smiling at her. "Come on, let's get back to the house."

Lyra slipped into Buddar's cap, then she and Link walked into the forest. As they walked, she glanced up at the sky. By looking at the sun, she could tell it was late in the afternoon. The sun would begin to set soon, and then the monsters would be out again. Good thing I know not to try any more great escapes. She thought.

Suddenly, she felt someone's hand cover her mouth. Whatever its was yanked her by the collar of her tunic, causing her to fly into the trees. She looked up, her eyes met a pair of red ones.

"Come with me peacefully," They said, by the sound of their voice Buddar could tell it was a female. "And I'll promise not to hurt you, or the green one."

Buddar glanced into the trees, where she could hear Link calling her name. She saw her captor draw a bloodstained knife out of her pocket. Buddar quickly nodded, and the woman put away their knife. "Well, it seems that my master made a wise choice." She said, standing up, but not taking her hand off of Buddar's mouth. "Come, my master wishes to see you in person."

The mysterious woman led her through the trees. Buddar noticed that the woman looked like a Hylian that was about her age. But her eyes were an odd shade of magenta that appeared red at first glance, and her hair was a blueish-black color. "Who are you?" Buddar asked through her captor's hand.

The girl glanced at her. "My name is Navy." She said.

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