Arc 2: Redemption- (Ray's test/ Tesla and Zumi)

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(Ray's test)- part 1

Gearan city gym
After his battle with Venam, Ray met up with Karrina the gang leader of Gearan city outside of the gym.
She was an orange haired girl about his age, her hair was tied into a single ponytail at the back.
She wore brownish green dress that went down to half of her plump looking thighs, she also wore high heels Making her look taller than Ray even though they were the same height.

"Venam said I should come over and give you my pass to go to route 2 however.... I only give this to people I trust so if you want it! You'll have to join my gang" Karrina.

"Alright then, how do I do that?!" Ray said fuming out hype.

"Hehehe, come with me" Karrina says as she walks to the northwestern part of the city with Ray behind.

Junction bridge
Crossing the old steel bridge the two saw a huge blue and sliver story building at the pier.
It looked like an old laboratory with broken window all Around.

"I've heard rumors of a mad scientist being here performing cruel experiments on Pokemon, if you want to join my gang stopping that will be your test!" Karrina points at him with her pink painted nails.

"That's cool and all but you're sure this rumor is tru..." Ray asked before being interrupted by a horrible laugh.

"Huehuehuehuehuehue!" The laugh was so loud and crazy it gave both Ray and Karrina chills.

"You hear that! That's not the laugh of a sane person! Let's go!!!" Karrina shouts and drags Ray to the door.

'slamm!!!' the door is opened with force by the two startling the Occupants within.

Ray recognizes the two individuals he saw them when he first got to Gearan labs, the girl with green hair(but now she was wearing black for some reason) and the purple haired man in a lab coat Wearing glasses.

"The hell!, Jenkel I thought you said this place was safe?!" The girl shouted, her voice was a lot deeper than Ray expected (she looked young but sounded older).

"Well.... emm" the scientist known as Jenkel muttered.

"Whatever peace out!-----" the girl steps on a green floor panel and teleports to a different area.

As she leaves the duo's attention shifts towards a big pink tapir Pokemon that appears to be sleeping while hooked up to a huge green machine with flowers around the bottom.

"What's that machine?! What are you doing to that Pokemon?" Karrina questions Jenkel.

"Huehuehuehuehuehue! You've seen too much, I'll have to deal with this.... Well I did want to test out this thing" Jenkel's sight turns to the tapir Pokemon.

"Alright get ready Ray! This is your entrance exam, disarm him and save that Musharna(tapir Pokemon) " Karrina annonced.

"I've got this! (Melia just a little longer now)" Ray said as he readied Piplup's pokeball.

"Huehuehue! We'll see about that! Musharna pulse evolution!" Jenkel shouts as he pushes a remote control.

"Mushraaaaaaa!" The tapir cries out in a strange way as pinkish green energy is flowing through it from the machine.
The Pokemon transforms, it's body turns light pink as green flower petals cover it's back like wings.
It starts to float like a balloon and from it's forehead a blue liquid like substance flows out like a never ending water hose, it's eyes also open up and give a blue glow.

"Pulse Musharna show them your power", "Muuuuuuuuuh" Jenkel says as the monsterous Musharna cries out.

"That..... similar to the Gyarad....." Ray remembers the beast he fought in the Rift not a pleasant memory however.

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