Chapter 19

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Maria's P.O.V

I didn't believe my mum one bit. "Mum, the truth. Where is Katie?" I asked with a harsh tone. I never liked raising my voice to my mum but she wasn't telling us something.

Suddenly, mum burst out crying. "Oh Maria. I'm a horrible mother!" She cried. "Mum its ok. Just tell us what happened." I said putting my arm around her shoulder and looked at Aston. "Well, as you know, your dad and I got divorced when you were 5 but Katie is 10 years younger than you." she started. "Yeah. You never told me anything else."

"Well, I was upset and I met a man, he was called Jamie. He was nice and we had a great night out and... well... it was kinda a one night stand. I found out I was pregnant and never told him about you. He left and never knew I had Katie. He found out and kidnapped her and now they are both gone." she burst out in tears again.

Aston came round the other side of my mum and said "Don't worry Jen. We'll find her." Ast was always good with my mum. They are practically best friends. "Thank you Aston." Then there was a knock at the door.

Aston's P.O.V

Maria and I walked over to the door to a tall-ish boy with blonde-gingery hair and light blue eyes. He had a cheeky smile on his face. "Mark!" Maria squealed as they hugged each other. "Hey Maria. I haven't seen you since college." she said. She pointed to me and said "This is Aston..." before she could say anymore Mark blurted "Hi I'm Mark. I've known Maria since beginning of high school. We have known each other for what? 10 years?"

Maria smiled and said "Yeah." She never got round to telling him I'm her boyfriend. "Ah so that's where I know you from. Your from JLS. Maria's favourite band. See Maria, I do read your texts." He said with a wink. Jen had gone to her room to get her head round things. I went into the kitchen to make us 3 a drink when Maria came in.

"Hey." she said, sticking her tongue out. "Hi you alright?" I asked giving her a hug. She kissed me on the cheek and said "Yeah. Sorry about Mark. He is a bit full on. He fancied me in high school. Oh and we are born in the same day." I looked at her in her deep blue eyes. "Hey, don't worry about it. He seems alright." I replied, kissing her on the lips and walking out the room with a mug of tea and a mug of coffee for Mark.

"Thanks mate." he said, wait did I say I was his mate? I smiled politely and passed him his drink. "How's Jen?" He asked. "She not in the best place right now." Maria said.

Mark's P.O.V

I haven't seen Maria in 2 years and was so excited. I fancied her in high school and secretly still do. I knocked on the door and saw her. She looked even better than when I last saw her. Her hair was longer and blonder, if that's possible, but there was a boy there.

I must admit, I was slightly jealous. We hugged each other. She started to tell me who this Aston boy was and I cut her off. I didn't want to know that he was her boyfriend. So I said "Hi I'm Mark. I've known Maria since beginning of high school. We have known each other for what? 10 years?" She looked shocked as I was saying this but nodded and said "Yeah."

After talking a while, Aston and Maria went into the kitchen together. I do hoped they were just good friends like me and her. Oh, I want Maria bad!

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