Sally paced back and forth on their deck.  She hoped the cool ocean breeze would help calm her nerves. Frank and Aramoana were not expected back for another week, so she still had time.

A long drawn-out foghorn blasted in her ears, startling her. She snapped her head towards the sea to see the Luna-sea fast approaching.

             "No it can't be. I still have a week!" she cried aloud.

             She rushed down to the dock, in order to get a better look. Her worst fears were realized when she saw Aramoana and Frank. Ana waved at her Mother, so excited to be home. It had been the first time she had been away and she was feeling homesick.

             "Mom!" she shouted and waved, her eyes beaming yellow with excitement.

             Sally stood still, the shock of their return freezing her in place. When Frank was close enough to see Sally's expression, his hands began to sweat and he could feel his heart accelerate. Something was wrong.  He knew his wife, and she looked scared.

             He expertly maneuvered the Luna-sea next to the dock and Aramoana hopped off and fastened the lines. When she was finished, she ran to Sally and threw her arms around her Mother.

             "Mom, you missed me too, didn't you?   That's why you're waiting on the dock? You never wait on the dock! I missed you so much. How's Matty?"

             Sally looked into her daughter's yellow and blue eyes and, seeing her face, helped melt away her fear. She would fight for this child—no government, r other mermaids, would be able to take her away. Aramoana was her daughter.

             "I did miss you," she confessed as she choked back her tears.

             Frank stood on the deck of the Luna-sea and nervously watched the interaction between the girls. He needed to talk to Sally and find out what was wrong.

             "Ana, why don't you run up to your room and put your things away and get ready for lunch," he instructed, hoping to buy some time with Sally.

             "Ok, Pops!" she beamed as she squeezed her Mother one more time before running up the hill to their home.

             "Frank, why are you home?" Sally rushed on, anger apparent in her voice.

             "It's a long story, Sal, and right now I need to know why you look so worried."

             Sally filled him in on meeting Tamra, and finding out about Farah, and quickly about Matty, the two police officers and the CIA agent. Frank rubbed his chin and sat in his favorite seat. "Oh Sal, what will we do?" he asked in concern.

             "I say we pack up all our valuables and leave tonight—we can boat down to Mexico or something, Frank.  We can't lose her. I would die!" Sally cried.

             "I don't like running away from things, Sal."

             "I know, but what other options do we have?" she asked.

             He rubbed his chin as he though of other options. With a sigh he conceded. "Let's start packing."

             They went their separate ways and started finding bags and boxes to pack their valuables.

             Aramoana was in her room when she heard her door open and shut. She whipped around to see Matty leaning against the door. "Matty!" she screamed as she ran to his side and gave him a great big hug. "How did you get here?" she asked.