Dirty bieber

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One morning you wake up and you don't find your boyfriend Justin next to you, your about to go to the bathroom when he comes out with only a towel on, you just stand there looking at his abs and as the drips of water goes down his chest going directly to Jerry. ;)

"You like what you see?" Asked Justin snapping you out of your thoughts You smirked and said "no" he came closer and you felt yourself getting wet as he drops his towel in front of you. You try your HARDest not to look down.

He inches closer and closer until he's hugging you. You giggle and begging to push him away, but your hands trace his rock hard abs, as if in a trance.

He slowly makes his way to your wet panties. "You like it, don't you?" He asks, his eyes exploring you wonderland of a body.

You look at him and you two Lock gazes. Suddenly, he reaches down to your neck and licks it, then latches on. He bites you gently, then harder. You bite your lip to stop from moaning. When suddenly he stops " your going to pay for that" Justin comes closer to you ear and whispers "try".

You keep looking at Justin while he gets dress you still in the same spot he left you, he comes up to, lowers his head and he gives you a peck on the lips and says "they called me from the studio, sorry babe" as he walks away slowly you give him a look, but what he doesn't know is that your thinking of a plan to get him back for leaving you hot,bothered, and wet.

You comment what you think and if I should continue the story thnx this is my first ever dirty imagine I alson do personals with one direction justin bieber any boy. Leave me

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