Too Quiet

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*Jenns POV* (The picture is Jenn. I know it's Acacia Brinley but oh well)

Great. Now Shawn knows I cut. Nothing is going to be the same. Today is Tuesday, March 17. My suicide date is March 20. Only three more days I have to live in this terrible life. I woke up this morning before Shawn did and I walked to school instead of riding the bus. I was not in the mood to see any other human. I could feel my anxiety kicking in so I could burst out and lash at any human at any moment. On the unusually quiet walk to school, I felt someone out there hand over my mouth and they pulled me into a dark alley. I was shaking worse than ever, this is why my anxiety was kicking in! They tie my up and throw me against the dumpster. I slowly slid downs the side of the dumpster until I was sitting on the ground in tears. I wasn't surprised to find out who had taken me,Nash. He untied me and pushed me up against the wall. "Keep your idiot brother away from Kailyn." He yells at me forcing me to flinch. "Why should I, your not together anyways." I say while slowly getting out of his grip. I sit on the ground and he stands in front of me. "Yes we are. We have been together ever since you left me. I like her but she likes Shawn. I loved you Jenn. And I still do." He says while having his eyes fill with tears. "Why would you send those pictures to everyone then?!" I said raising my voice. "Because I thought that if people saw what a beautiful body you have, you would feel more confident." He says slightly putting on a smile while looking at the ground. I smile and stand up in front of him. "I'm sorry Nash. You could've told me that before I left you." I hugged him tightly and he whispered in my ear. "I never meant for this to happen. I'm so sorry Jenn." He cried quietly into my shoulder. "JENN!!" I hear a familiar voice in the distance! I turn and see Shawn running towards me. "Thank god your okay!! I've been looking for you. I thought you killed yourself!" His eyes become brighter as they fill with tears. "No of course not. I'm okay Shawn." I pull him into a hug as he cried into my shoulder. He pulls away and immediately sees Nash. "What is he doing here!!??? Did he kidnap you?!!?" He yells angrily and becomes tense. "No he didn't kidnap me. He apologized and explained everything. And I forgave him." I pull Nash away from Shawn. "Fine. But I swear o God if you break her heart again, you will never get to see her, or anyone ever again!!" Shawn yells at Nash. "I won't hurt her ever again. I'm so sorry." He says as he bro-hugs Shawn. "I love you Jenn. And I just want to keep you safe." Shawn says as he hugs me once more. "I know, I love you too." I say and hug him back feeling like he actually cares. We all walk to school together and I stood between the two guys incase Shawn lashed out on Nash. I feel like Nash was telling the truth. And I never stopped loving him.

OMG Nash and Jenn made up!! AHHHH! Do you think Nash meant what he said to Jenn? Or was it just another lie? Please comment and vote if you like it! I'll try to update asap! Love you guys! -Shea :)

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