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Wash away your sins with drinking.

Clear away the land by sinking.

You know as well as I,

what it is you're thinking.

It's all white—no, grey,

smothering, sinking grey,

shapes and bodies, you can't make out,

writhing in a soup of their own thought.

Oh, but to forget.

To never know, why it is that you are falling?

Oh that is bliss.

To swim through the icy air.

To not care. To not know.

Why it is tears are falling?

Oh, god, why it is that they are crawling,

like sheep, barking orders like shepherds?

Why it is you cannot sleep, can never.

Oh, god, but to fall and fall and fall.

Fall away all my doubts, fears, schemes,

but till one drops, splats across the earth.

Spilt like milk, like blood.

Oh so precious! So beloved!

So hated.

I have fallen. I have forgot.

Why is it so dark here?

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