Part 29 ~ Baby

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Time Jump to May 10th

Katie's POV

6 days left, 6 days until I get to meet my little angel. I just wish Martin were here to see her birth.

"Hey girl!" Tilly says poking her head into my room "I got Estella's & Mariana's rooms put together plus Clayton has got the nursery mostly assembled."

"You guys don't have to do that!"

"Katie, chill you are almost to your due date. Be lucky that I am letting you fold clothes and not making you sit on the couch and watch the kids."

"Tilly! Your getting married in two months, you should focus on you."

"Me is my business. You however need all the help you can get."

"I'm not a helpless puppy!"

"Oh, snap the puppy!!"

"Tills, what did you do?"

"I may have promised that if the kids behaved during the move Aunt T & Uncle C would buy them a puppy."

"Aunt T? Uncle C?"

"I self named myself. It better that Aunt Twitty."

"Yeah, got me their."

"Now, Katie..........."

I let out a scream

"Katie? Tilly? Are you okay?" Clayton says running into the room

"Yeah, Kat are you okay?"

"Do I look okay???? My water just broke!" They both stare at me "IM IN LABOR!!!"

"Oh, dang! Crudeness!!" Clayton says "what do we do?"

"Go get the car you idiot!!"

"Yeah, okay." He sad running out the room

"Looks like little Ms Marley Kay James is ready to make her appearance."

"Yep!" I say through the pain

Tilly gets Mariana, Estella, & Oliver ready since there is nobody here to babysit. Then we drive to the hospital. Tilly helps check me in while Clayton entertains the kids, which means bribing them with sugar. A nurse shows up with a wheelchair and escorts me to my room.

"Mrs James, you are currently 8 centimeters dialated so it shouldn't be to much longer. I will be back in a bit if you need anything just call for Dr. Ivory."

"Okay, thanks"

"Now, who will be in the room for the delivery? Is the dad here?" The doctor asks. Thank goodness Tilly answers

"I'll be here, oh and the dad passed away a couple months ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Clearly embarrassed that she asked. Then she turns and walks out

"Are you sure you want to be in here Tilly?"

"Leaving you by yourself isn't an option."

"Yes it is."

"Kat, girl! Chill, I'm not leaving."

"OH!AHHH!!!OHHH!" I scream

"Should I call a doctor?"

I nod, she pushes the call button, and Doctor Ivory rushes in.

"Katie, Tilly, what's wrong?"

"I....I......I need to push." I stammer

"Okay, let's see oh, wow you are quick. Already 10 centimeters dialated. At the next contraction push for 10 seconds"

A contraction hits me and I push, then another and another. This process goes on for over 40 minutes, then I hear the magic words

"Okay, one last big push and you will have a baby!"

I push once more and suddenly I hear

"IT IS A GIRL!" I hear the snap of the clamp cutting the umbilical cord, and the wail of my daughter, and then I'm holding my daughter in my arms. She stops screaming once she lands in my arms.

"Hi, Marley Kay James. I'm your mommy." I whisper and plant a kiss on her forehead.

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