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A small baby girl cried out into the night, her voice filled with sorrow and terror. The scenes being played out around her crib scared her and the searing pain on her shoulder and forehead burned. It felt like her arm was being ripped apart and her head burned with a hot iron poker. As a one year old she didn't understand the battle for life happening before her but she did understand that her family was in danger and hurt. The noises were loud but the crying wasn't only coming from her, but also from her brother lying beside her.

Soon the pain stopped as well as the disturbing noises that had managed to wake her up. She was still crying but her brother had stopped. The battle waged had ended and so did the lives of her parents and the man who attacked them. The man had disappeared without a trace. Her brother was the only one left breathing aside from herself. She curled up into a ball and reached out her hand to hold her brother's open one.

The siblings stayed like that until a big burly man with a large unruly beard appeared. He picked her up and cooed at her, soothing her fears until they disappeared. She saw an older man with a long grey beard pick up her brother. She turned her head back to the burly man and watched as his eyes filled with tears. When she turned back to look at her brother, he was gone and so was the older man.

She cried out and realized that he was not coming back. Her twin, the only one left, was taken away.

Hagrid, the burly man holding her, looked down at the small child and was overcome with sadness. She would be sent to live in the muggle world and away from all the magic she was surrounded by. She would never know that she held such amazing power, survived an attack by one of the most powerful dark wizards in history, and even helped defeat him.

Her brother would be the one surrounded by glory when his eleventh birthday arrived. He was the wizard who was prophesized to come into greatness. Harry was the only child of Lily and James Potter known in both the wizard and muggle world. Lily and James had thought it to be to dangerous to tell the wizard world that they had twins. Therefore only Harry was announced, but they were both loved equally.

She would be forever alone, without knowing who she really was and without knowing the true potential she held. That fact alone broke Hagrid's heart.

Harry Potter, the boy who lived, had a twin sister and if everything went according to plan, he would never meet her.

The one thing that the plan had not thought about was the amount of raw power that the little girl really had.

Or the fact, that she might be the one.

To save both worlds.


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