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I love this forest, the trails not so much, it limited my access to the really big trees. So i abandoned the trail and walked toward the real forest, halfway through my walk i felt something inside me shift.

I ignored the feeling and kept walking enjoying the sun and the fresh air. I was standing next to a giant tree when i hear some grumbling, looking around i saw three wolves coming toward me. I remembered the ranger advice and just tried to ignore the wolves but they didn't ignore me.

Their growls became louder and they began stalking toward me. I felt the same thing inside me shift again, i had no explanation for this feeling, for this thing inside but it wanted to fight the wolves back.

A growl left my lips a tiny one compared to theirs but they hearded never the less and they froze. They looked at me, the leader of the group walked toward me looking me straight in the eyes and growling louder and louder.

From what i know about real dogs and wolves he's trying to force his dominance on me. But the thing inside me refused to let it go and kept my head high.

The same wolf growled again louder, barking at me and the thing in me exploded. I felt pain in my bones every single one hurt , the pain dragged me to my knees and i screamed in agony.

The wolves froze again, the leader looked excited first until he heard my scream of pure torture again. He looked at his two companion and they left running toward the forest.

Another scream and all i could see was darkness, i had cold sweat covering my whole body. The thing inside me wanted out but i was too afraid of this sensation, afraid of letting it out.

I tried to rain it in, deep breaths, deep breaths i scold my self. After few trials my breathing slowed down, i closed my eyes and focused on the steady ground underneath me. Grounding my mind and body, the same way i fo when i have a panic attack. This is probably a panic attack, it's working so far.

After few minutes whatever that sensation was disappeared leaving me a sweaty mess. I got up to my knees then my feet, stumbling around till i reached the path again. Walking slowly and on unsteady feet i made it back to the park , the same ranger saw me stumbling and made me sit on a bench.

He gave me water and some chocolate, i gave him an excuse of getting overheated and not having any water.

"That's not safe. You never go hiking without extra water and some appropriate clothes. Next time i won't even let you pass" he scold me like I'm a little child and i just nod my head.

Too dizy and tired to correct him or tell to fuck off. He asked if i had anyone to come get me and i said no, I'm supposed to meet my "mother" at the dinner. The ranger refused to let me walk there, saying i might get hurt again, seriously who does this guy think he is?

"No thank you sir I'll be okay on my own" i tried telling him but he wouldn't listen.

He got me a ride with some local guys back to the dinner, i tried refusing but my objection fell on deaf ears.

So this is how i ended up in a car with two guys,they were around my age but both of them trice my size. I was also stuck between them in the buff guy number one truck. While buff guy number two kept changing between the station on the radio.

"So what brought you to out town" buff one asks
"I moved in with my mother" i tell him honestly.
"Really who is she, i should know her" buff two asks leaving the radio alone.

"No i doubt you know her. Anyways thank you guys for the ride" i say trying to get out, the ride was short and i really wanted it to end.

I was trying to climb down the gigantic truck when buff one hold my hand stopping me.

"Just stay out of the woods, not all the wolves are friendly" he says making me wonder how he knew i was there to start with.

I mumbled a thank you and went in to the dinner again. I sat down in a booth alone, i checked my Instagram, facebook, twitter and even played few rounds of candy crush to pass the time.

I was too taken by the game trying to break all the jellys when somene sit next to me. Looking up i saw it's the same girl from this morning, Tina.

"Hey pretty boy" she says while playing with a strand of my hair.

"Hey tina" i say with a shy smile.
"You still here?" she asked
"No i went for a walk around the town" i reply.

"Ohh cool. How do you like the town" she ask with real interest.

"It's okay so far. I even went hiking i like the woods" i tell her blushing

"Ohh that's cool. You didn't see any wolves did you? They don't hurt anyone btw" she says with a forced smile this time.

"Yeah i saw some wolves, you're correct they are nice" i lie hiding the fact they tried attacking.

"Yeah man" he says with a sigh of relief "just stay inside the trails we don't want anything to happen to you"

I smile and nod, we shared dinner but she had to leave afterwards since she had early classes tomorrow.

I sat for another half an hour alone until my mother came to get me , finally i could use a shower and some good night sleep.

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