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C h a p t e r  01 - Teenage Fever

"Dude come on what's taking so long I don't wanna be late" Luke stated rushing me from my from.

"Give me a sec I'm nearly done okay"

"You had a whole hour to get ready, what have you been doing since then?!"

"Uhm dude you know I have a job right" I sarcastically stated walking out of my bathroom. "anyways I'm done, how do I look??" I asked striking a little pose so he could see my outfit which was a ripped, light grey jean with a plain black T-shirt and some all white air-force 1s.

"You know you look fresh man now let's go before we're late!" Luke replied jumping off my bed and yanked me out the door.

"Hold up! I need to grab my phone from the charger man"

"No no no, I'll get it cause I know your ass is just gonna look for another excuse to stay busy"

"Fine go even though I know I wasn't gonna take long, and grab my charger too please" I instructed heading to the car.

After a few minutes Luke followed out of the house and found me sitting in his car. He then hopped in a passed me my stuff. "That's everything right?!" He asked impatiently.

"Yeah I think so....oh shit wait I forgot to take a jacket" I immediately remembered.

"N*gga hell nawh! A jacket for what now, it's a 100 degrees out, you don't need a jacket"

"Nah I do, what if it gets really cold later on. And you know I get sick very easily"

"Look I think I got a jacket in my trunk so you can wear mine if it comes to that okay"

"You sure you got one?"

"Yeah I'm 100 percent sure trust me" he said trying to reassure me.

"Aight let's go then" I instructed.

"Aghhhh finallyyyyyyy..." he said starting the car then we drove off.

The drive there a bit quiet so I asked Luke to pass me his phone so I could put on some music. He doesn't let just anyone connect their phone to his car so we had to listen to his music on the way there. Luckily for me we have just about the same taste in music so it's not such a bad thing. I then scrolled through his playlist to look for the perfect song. "Play some Drake" he requested.

"Nigga we always listening to Drake, give the man a break for once he ain't the only artist out there you know"

"Yeah I know that but he's the only good artist okay so put him on" he insisted.

"Look how about we listen to Bryson Tiller first and then we'll give Drake a chance"

"Nah play Drake first and then you can listen Bryson" he argued but since I didn't have the energy to argue back I just did as he requested and put on Teenage Fever by Drake.

"AHHHHH PERFECT CHOICE" he said flashing a wide-ass smile at me.

"N*gga you cheap as fuck..." I teased.

We then drove for a good while before finally getting to where we were headed.

I ended up only playing Drake the entire drive cause Luke would complain whenever I tried to change to a different artist.

As we drove down the street I peeped outside the window to help Luke find a good parking spot since it was pretty packed. "I thought you said it wasn't gonna be that many people here" I stated.

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