I felt Ryan’s grip on my hand tighten, he was now holding my free hand. I could make out that Ryan too was not happy to see them. His eyes were narrowed with his lips set in a straight line and his jaw was clenched.

The 6 guys now stood at arms distance. In a white shirt and black jeans with a denim jacket thrown over it stands Louis Tomlinson.

Beside him in a plaid red and white shirt and light pants stands Liam Payne.Both the boys have their feet covered in a pair of high top sneakers.

Next to Liam in his trademark skinny jeans and brown boots with a white v-neck and dark blue blazer is the curly haired Harry Styles .Clad in a grey t-shirt and dark jeans with black sneakers was the blonde haired heartthrob Niall Horan.

Beside him in a pair of dark skinny jeans and white v-neck with a black leather jacket thrown over his shoulders and combat boots covering his feet was the guy I thought I’d never see again ever in my life! Yes the infamous Zayn Malik! 

And beside One Direction stands their bodyguard Paul Higgins also in a pair of dark jeans and a black zipped up jacket.

“Niall!!! Marry me!!” a red haired girl jumps out from the crowd and hugs Niall. Or should I say chokes.

Paul immediately gets in action. He picks up the girl like she’s feather light and puts her back into the crowd. He hurries to Niall who is coughing and bent over.

“Are you alright?” inquires the bodyguard.

“Ya I’m ok” the Irish boy replies.

“I told you Z.. It was a bad idea going out in the open like this” the bodyguard addresses Zayn.

“I’m sorry Paul but this was important” Zayn replies as he runs a hand through his messy hair. His patent quiff seems to be missing and his hair look dishevelled.

“Harry your mineeeee” another girl with black short hair shouts and runs towards Harry.

“Shut up !! I love him! He’s mine” a girl with long brown hair screams also charging towards curly.

Paul steps infront of Harry and stops them before they can injure him.

“Alright!! Listen everybody.. Zayn is here to talk to this girl! So calm down!!” Paul bellows holding his hand up and then pointing towards me and instantly the whole crowd goes silent. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin-drop.

“Hey Louis!” a blond girl dressed in a pink shirt and denim overalls calls out to Louis as she walks towards him.

“Yeah?” Louis replies to the girl who’s now standing infront of him.

“Don’t worry. I just wanna talk to them. I won’t hurt them I promise” blond chick tells Paul who was about to stop her.

“It’s ok Paul..” Liam tells Paul.

“Louis.. Take me on your tour?” blond chick asks batting her eyelashes at the Doncaster lad.

“We’d never do that” the Tommo sasses.

“Liam?” she moves on to Liam with the same expression plastered on her face.

“No” Liam dismisses.

“Cupcake!!!!.. I love you.. take me with you??” blond chic puts on a puppy dog face.

“Absolutely not” Harry flatly states.

“Zayn..MARRY MEE!!!!” excitedly she squeals.

“Never ..in a million years” the Bradford bad boy replies bored.

Blond chick then opens her mouth to say something to Niall but before she’s able to get any words out the Irish lad is already shaking his head in dismissal.

Her face drops and she starts walking away but pauses and walks back once again. Her face lights up as she approaches Paul this time.

“Pauly!!.. Will you marry me?” she asks.

“Would love to sweetheart.. but I’m already married” Paul replies giving here an apologetic look.

“Bunny!! Bunny..!” a blonde haired guy clad in a yellow t-shirt and denim overalls runs out to the girl. He leads a very disheartened and extremely sad ‘Bunny’ away.

I look at the retreating form of Bunny and her boyfriend. As I turn my head I lock eyes with the brown eyed British Pakistani lad who’s already staring at me.

“Eliza..” Zayn starts to say.

“Zayn please.. I don’t wanna talk to you” I firmly cut him off.

“Are you insane!! Show him some respect freak! He’s Zayn Malik from One Direction!” a pink haired girl screams from the crowd.

“Yeahhhh!!” some people shout as the crowd hollers.

I look around in desperation not knowing what to do. I feel Ryan tugging on my hand encouraging me to walk away.

“Ok..! Everybody please !! Calm down” Zayn addresses the crowd and immediately everyone becomes silent like Zayn has just hypnotized them. He looks at me regretfully.

Is Zayn Malik actually feeling sorry for me I wonder. And suddenly for a second he looks like the old Zayn, the Zayn with whom I had once had really great times. The Zayn who use to be my friend. To think about it now, I realize then that Zayn isn’t a bad guy actually but the situation we are in is what’s bad. Maybe under different circumstances things could have been better between us.

“Eliza.. I just need to talk to you” Zayn’s voice pulls me out of my thoughts.

“Eliza lets go” Ryan urges me.

“No..Wait..Eliza! I really need to talk to you” Zayn pleads.

“Listen dude.. you’ve done enough damage already!” Ryan angrily retorts.

“Stay out of it .. It’s none of your business” Zayn fires at him.

“Course it’s my business.. She’s my best friend” Ryan steps ahead.

“Hey wise guy! Back..off!!” Niall steps ahead.

“Why? Why are you gonna do.. blondie” Ryan mocks.

“I’d like to remind you that he’s not alone..” Louis steps beside Niall.

“Yeah .. your the one who should be worried” Harry comes on Niall’s other side.

Like an idiot I just stare gobsmacked at the scene infront of me without saying anything. So many things happening at one time have made me kind of paralyzed so I just look at the bunch of guys infront of me who are ready to pounce on each other.


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