Chapter 10

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I woke up to loud banging noise on my door. I got up sleepy and went to open the door. Who could be there this early in the morning?

I opened the door and was shocked to see who it was.

It was Jacob he looked as if he wanted to beat me up again so I backed up and shut the door but he was fast enough to stop it.

"What do you want!!"

"Nothing just came to say Sir William has called you for a meeting after an hour"

"Yeah ok can you like get out"

"Watch your mouth"

"I don't need your opinion"



I took a pillow and threw it at him and as he backed up I shut the door and locked it and sighed in relieve.

I didn't want to be anywhere near that guy.......... he's crazy. If crystal was in my place she would have punched him and he would have a glimpse of his last breath. She would do anything to protect me.

I took a bath and wore the clothes that crystal choose for me. I wore a short white dress and a black hoodie on top of that.

I went to meet William in his office and on the way I met kai.

"Hey Hawkings how are you"

"I'm good..... why are you asking me this"

"Why can't I ask you?"

"Why do you want to ask"


"That's a weird simply"

"You look good," he said under his breath.

We continue walking I saw Dio with one of the staff that worked there. He was really happy to see me and I was too.

Dio, I said as I went for a hug with the small robot.

We reached the office and went in. I saw JJ and William in the office. They both looked serious.

Dio went to William and hit him on the leg for attention.

"Ouch," he said

I was trying my best to hold my laugh. I can't take a serious situation seriously.

It was so funny just imagine both of them standing together wearing suits in their so-called home looking so serious and then William just gets hit by a robot........ I just can do that.

Kai saw me about to burst out so he hit me with his elbow to sign me to stop.

"We wanted to have this meeting to discuss a serious matter," said William

"When you two were out in the mall somehow an agent from the R.E.D base found out you were there. How?" Said JJ

"I know that guy," I said "his name is Andrew"

JJ suddenly sat down and started looking for something on the computer and within a few minutes he found out who Andrew was.

"Andrew Hudson works for R.E.D his parents Tyler Hudson and Madison Hudson who were also spies. They are Well trained dangerous people not to mess with"

"The only way they could have found where you guys were was only if there was some type of tracker"

Me and kai both locked eyes

"But this tracker is not some type of tracker that you can put anywhere"

"After a long talk me and JJ had we've come to know that they have a put a tracker inside you Mia"

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