01. Stones as a Student

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Y/n had the image of a foreign 15 year old girl...

Which is why, in order to be a normal person residing on earth, she decided to enter high school. With the help of the Mind stone, she flawlessly made her own detailed fake information as she was granted a new life.

She is now living in Masutafu, Japan. A first year high school in UA support course.

Wearing her uniform and putting on her bag early that morning, she made her way to school. The exact time the school are opening their gates, allowing her to have an incredibly normal school routine without anyone knowing she existed.

Y/n wants peace and quiet while working. She didn't like people looking at her--which happened during orientation just because she's a beautiful and charismatic creature(nobody say no. Cuz I'm the author yo 😂 and you are beautiful)--which disrupts her normal lifeless face into an irritated one.

The stones wants a lowkey life. If people notices her too much, there's a chance that the infinity stones will be revealed.

But that's not really the point now.

It's all because the stones didn't like to waste time on conversing. It takes much effort for the mind stone who was not patient enough to create circle of friends.

Remember why Ultron became such a prick about humans? It's because he just wanna be friends with robots.

Anyways, Y/n sat on her usual workplace slowly patching up high quality gadgets with what they have. The lack of advance technology was a horror for the mind stone that he had to make new stuff according to the knowledge he picked up from Tony Stark while he was Ultron and Vision.

Her knowledge of creating new technology was recognized by the school, but she decided giving the credits away to her teacher, Power Loader. Although he refused her so many times and wanted her to be recognize in the support companies, Y/n wasn't reluctant about her decision. The power stones doesn't like things like that dragging them to do more work. Although, it was all mind stone's work, he also didn't want to make much of it.

That's how she wanted it to be.

Another explosion happened behind Y/n as she was tweaking her mini robot ultron 2.0 on her work table. The explosion caused a bit of wind that made the screws and paper on her table started flying away. With her palm flashing green light directed to her table, time stone reversed her area and the papers and screws that scattered away started coming back.

She sighed, eyes on mini robot ultron 2.0 until a pair of arms wrapped itself around her shoulders.

"Y/n, I have a favor~" Mei Hatsume's cheery loud voice spoke. "Can you also restore my table? I just poke a few oil and it suddenly explo-ded." She happily asked.

Y/n hissed. "I told you to take off the plug before adding something famable." She said.

She turned around and looked up at the pinkette who had her goggles on. She smiled and made a v sign. "Well, I thought I'd see if it's going to work while I'm putting some on. It's just a point centimeter mistake on my part, don't worry about it." She explained. "And oh, in case you're worried. I'm not hurt."

"I wasn't asking." Green light glowed in her palm as she used the time stone again, restoring the wrecked workplace Mei had obliterated.

Everything went back in place, but her area was still as messy. Y/n simply shook her head before closing her palm and the glow disappeared with it.

"Y/n, you're the best-smartest-strongest aaaand, laziest half-assed person, I know!" Mei half praised, hugging her again and giving her a friendly kiss on the cheeks before going back to her work area and picking up the oil.

"The plug, Mei. The plug."

Y/n's threatening voice reached Hatsume's ear as she flinched. Smiling to her friend's daily reminder, which she occassionally ignores since she'll restore it back anyways.

"Yes, Y/n. I won't get hurt." She would always reply differently.

Y/n's nonchalant had no effect on this dense crazed woman named Mei Hatsume.

Although Y/n didn't really approve of her claims that they are friends, she didn't deny it as well so the pinkette was proud enough to call her that. She admired the foreign girl's smarts even if she looked that bored and unenthusiastic about many things, but she can tell, Y/n was a strong person who wants to create things.

She could even enter hero course effortlessly or even general studies with her high level intelligence. She probably just chose support course because she likes making things with her hands than beating people up on the hero course.

Mei likes her choice for that.

"Oh, by the way. Y/n, can you run maintenance check on USJ tomorrow morning?" Power loader called out on his table.

Y/n glanced at him before turning back to her project, replying: "Noted." With a tired 'I don't wont to do that' tone.

The pro hero dismissed her tone knowing she'll do it anyways and spoke up again. "Class 1A is going to use the facility tomorrow so you have to check it early. Knowing how you come to school on a daily basis, I thought you'd be perfect for the job." He said.

"Yes, sir." She grumbled.

"Check all areas thoroughly, we don't want to injure them too much with malfunctioning training grounds." He reminded.

"They should be able to handle an unexpected miscalculation. They are hero in training after all." Y/n shrugged. "A battle scratch won't matter anyways."

"Y/n, they're still students your age. Don't say viscious things." Power loader reminded.

"They won't die. I assure you."

She told him nonchalantly, taking up a lollipop out of thin air, plopping it to her mouth before putting the last screw on mini robot ultron 2.0. She put on her self made solar battery before carrying the robot as big as her torso.

"I'm going to do a test."


"At the school back yard. I need to charge Ultron 2.0 and see how strong he can get with solar power." She explained.

"Go ahead. But don't disrupt other class." He reminded again.

"Oooh, I want to come as well." Mei's cheery voice ran after her friend.

Power loader couldn't even stop her as she disappeared on the door. He sighed helplessly.

He can't believe that two of his most talented creators are actually weird children. Y/n who does things when she wants to, but actually give out incredible results that exceeds anyone's expectations and Mei who goes on building mountains of things she sets her minds on creating outstanding designs, learning from mistakes and improving them-- except when she make the office and hallways explode.

If the support world would look into this, those two would be extremely praised by their masterpiece.

Having these two unruly children under his wing is both blessing and hell. Things explodes everywhere, AI robots thinks about world dominations and his work space getting wrecked.

He held his square like helmet as he shook his head in defeat. "Just let them be, they're just kids." He told himself as he's always had.

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