Chapter 2

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I woke up by the sound of the alarm clock. "WHAT DA FUDGE. WHO SET THE ALARM ON SATURDAY?!!?" I yelled.

Apparently I did. I don't even remember touching it last night. A week pass by so quickly. I went to same tree almost everyday and I'm planning on going there again today.

I got up and went to take a warm shower. I got dressed in a grey hoodie, black skinny jeans and white converse. I went down and eat my breakfast.

"Mom, I'm going out!" I told mom. "Be safe, honey. Be back before supper!". I walked down the path to the cemetary holding my sketch book.

As I walked to the tree, I noticed something. Or someone. A boy aroung my age was sitting down under the tree. I walked closer. He was reading something and didn't notice I was there. I fake cough.

He looked up and....OMG. He looked so damn cute. He had a beautiful light brown hair almost looking like blonde, warm chocolate eyes and his jaw line.OMG. "Oh, sorry. Is this your place?" He ask smiling at me.Gawd, I died, I seriously died.

"U-uh, n-no. Well y-yes. I-I mean, y-yeah its my u-usual p-place but y-you can s-stay if y-you want," Why da hell am I stuttering. He smiled at me "thanks, aren't you gonna sit down?" He point the spot next to him. "Oh, yep," I sat down next to him.

I swear to god I blush like madly. I looked at him and saw a tint of pink on his cheek. I think I'm hallucinating. "So, I'm Hayes, Hayes McHawley. What's yours?" He said looking at me. "Oh, Skylar Vander. You can call me Sky," I said. "Sky, I like it. Match your eyes. Icy blue but but warm at the same time," he said.

Gawd he notice my eyes. "Thanks," all I said. Oh come on Skylar, I know you could do better. "So, do you live here?" I said. Finally. "Yeah, just around here. Figure that I walk around. How bout you?" He ask. "I live 2 blocks from the cemetery. Not that far. It's so peaceful here isn't it? Different from the town," I said looking up the branches.

"Yeah it is," he said looking at my direction. Man, those eyes tho. "I guess I should head back. It was nice meeting you, Sky. See ya around, " he said getting up. Only then I saw his body perfectly. Tall, thin but well build body, tan skin. Gee, I think I'm falling for the dude.

He started walking away. Well that's it, guess never gonna see Hayes again. But then he stopped, he turned around and yell "SKY! CAN WE MEET UP HERE AGAIN TOMORROW?". God. "YEAH, MEET YOU AT 12?" I yelled back. He gave me a thumbs up and started walking away.

When he was far enough I could swear that he just disappeared to thin air, like a dust. I shrugged it off. I can't wait for tomorrow.

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